Friday, May 29, 2009

I Miss You

Sayang went off to the rig at 5pm just now. Depress.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Month After I Delivered

They are talking, in different language.

Today also is the third day Sayang at home. What a bless. It seems like the time passed by so fast. We had lunch together, as quickly as we can as Maleec was crying in the room. Not that he needs to be change or he is hungry. He just wants to sit on lap and get rocking! Anak manja! Sayang bathed Maleec today, after awhile I've been doing the chores. Maleec wasn't easy today. As if he understand that his mummy wants to 'manja' to his daddy, he tried to come in between. Haha! Always wants our attention. As night came, Sayang off to Fahaheel to buy stock for a month. He bought his rig boots and a new earphone. We had dinner together and later Sayang played with his new toys.

We watched Melodi and ate ice cream before we fell asleep. How I wish this could be our daily routine. How I wish Sayang is always at home. Maleec looked happy today, being hold by his daddy. Anak manja kami.

Btw, I managed to finish watching 'Push'. Rating: 6/10. Above average because 1) nice location; Hong Kong. Usually English movie only shoot in either US or UK. 2) Dakota Fanning is one of the cast. 3) I love any super power movie. As I wish I'm extraordinary human too.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Maleec was being impossible yesterday. He didn’t sleep well from the time I bath him till 11 pm. He just drank a lot of milk. Called up mak to ask about the rashes. She said its norm. Ok then. I cooked tomyam ayam as its been a while I didn’t have tomyam. Kirana called.

At night, I watched ‘He is Just Not That Into You’. Actually, I’ve been waiting to watch this movie since last year. A lot of my favorite celebrity are cast in this movie. The most anticipated is none other than Kevin Connolly. I like him a lot in ‘Entourage’. I never see him before in silver screen. The conclusion about this movie is, it’s moving at some part, especially Gigi’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) character. Her judgment on guys always wrong as she is affected by emotion a lot. It reminds me of my old days when I went out with guys. The frustrated part is when the guy(s) that you like didn’t give the response as you wish, but the guy(s) that you are not so into, give a good move. Hah! I’m happy that the phase is totally gone and I’m dating one and only guy, Mr. Azzumar. Another thing about this movie that remind me a lot on those days is that; never ever date married man. Because?! Because you are always on the losing side. Another thing is, we, human, sometimes are blind. We couldn’t see that the best thing in our life in just in front of our eyes, until we lose them. Beth (Jennifer Aniston) almost lost her longtime-loyal-sweet-caring boyfriend, just because she wants marriage. Luckily Neil (Ben Affleck) is so loyal-sweet-caring, that he didn’t leave her.

Anyway, after awhile I didn’t watch a movie from back to back, this is one made a record. I managed to finish watching the movie, thanks to my son who can’t sleep and only wants to be on my lap.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ayah Yang Kurindui

Ssshhh!! He is sleeping! Let mummy be in peace for a while :p

Alhamdullillah he slept well last night. Today I’m more productive than yesterday. I update my blog with pictures. I call Mama after I read her disturbing email. Ayah, who is just discharge from the hospital, is not feeling well. He can’t sleep, doesn’t want to eat and talking nonsense at night. Mama went back home from kampong at 5am today! I’m scared, scared of thing that I don’t even want to mention. I love Ayah so much. While breastfeeding Maleec, all the things Ayah did for me, flash back in my eyes. I saw him fetching me back from tadika, I saw him came back from meeting and brought back kacang kuda rebus, my favorite pea, I saw him carrying perut and limpa from pasar, to rebus as I came back to kampong, I saw Ayah woke me up for me to eat my favorite nasi lemak. I hope deep inside Ayah knows that I sayang him tak terhingga. Mama kata, ‘jangan risau’. Sayang tanya, ‘you nak balik Malaysia ke?’ I don’t know what to say, don’t know what to do. Tolong doakan Ayah cepat sembuh. Ayah! Be strong. Along sayang Ayah! Maleec is doing fine. Just that he is too attached with me. He doesn’t want to sleep on his crib, as he wants to be on my bed. Naughty boy. Sayang told me he will be back in 2 days time. He also told me his bonus is been cut 20%. Allah really tests us lately. Insya Allah, we will get through this storm. Now, I need to sleep.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today is a very non-productive day. I woke up neither too late nor too early and just lazily had my breakfast. Played with Maleec a lot. Zabaidah came a lil early as she has other appointment. Sudeer came to fetch the picture and later came back to hand me the birth cert. Masa nak mandi Maleec lah dia nak datang nya! Huh! Talked to Mama. Mama requested us to come home earlier than Nov. How I wish. But takkan nak tinggal Juma raya sorang-sorang sini? Takkan I nak tinggalkan my house lama-lama? Entahlah. Anyways, Malec dah start chuckle. How cute is my son! I love you, anakku!

Anyway, this is the list of the celebrity (femme) I adore. Enjoy!

1. Leighton Meester

so refreshing. love her so much in Gossip Girl and Entourage. i dunno whether i fall in love with her or her character in that series. but i like expression, she looks so lively. macam bahagia n happy all the time. kalau tengah susah hati and nak buat evil pun still lawa.

2. Anne Hathaway

her face is carrying an innocent face but not so fast! she seems wild deep inside her! i love her skin tone so much. putih kemerahan. her feature also lovely; those wide eyes and broad smile. she looks like a barbie doll! i love her dressing too, sexy and revealing sometimes.

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

seeing them together make me wish that i have a twin sister. they seem synchronize in fashion yet so different. their vintage taste is stunning. Ashley always comes out with clean look while Mary-Kate adores 'messy' look. i love their make-up; simpe an emphasize a lot on their eyes. they rock!

4. Jennifer Aniston

simple yet gorgeous. usually dress in black with her signature straight-well-blown hair. lovely! period.

5. Angelina Jolie

full if mystery. her acting is undeniable magnificient. her dedication on charity is moveable. who knows a wild child can change into a doting mother! i love her acting, her tattoo, her fierce face expression and her taste in fashion. but i think she is too skiny!

6. Michelle Williams

i don't really well-versed about this actress. but i think she is a strong lady, especially when she went through heath ledger's death. taking care of matilda by herself, looking at her daughter who resemble her late boyfriend a lot, it is a tough call. but she seems doing well. plus, she is pretty, too.

7. Isla Fisher

to the fact she is engaged to sacha baron cohen is explained enough about her character: crazy. who can stand sacha(borat!)? i love her action in definitely.. maybe and wedding crasher. i love reading about her in tabloid. she always look gorgeous. love her hair, her nude makeup, her outfit, everything. the most important thing is, i love her name!

8. Siti Nurhaliza

this is a real perempuan melayu terakhir. pretty and so sopan. he rstyle before was quite 'kampung', but i love her dress! i think she looked great during her concert in royal albert hall. her style after bertudung also nice. talking about her talent, it is undeniably she is.. well.. talented! her performance is never dissapointing. she always give her best. she is not only a singer, but an entertainer and a performer.

9. Lauren Conrad

secretly, i relate myself with her a lot. if the hills shows the true color of her, then i'm like her (or she is like me??) a lot. she doesn't like to make friend, but loyal to all her friends. she care a world to all her friends. she is close to her family. she worked with magazine company before. she loves writing. she loves fashion. she loves clubbing. she loves parties. she love beaches. and all the above are things that i enjoy most!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Passport's Picture

His rashes that's growing. Must be because of the weather as summer is approaching.

Our day starts quite early. Semalam Maleec slept with me on my bed. Last night was the first night I breast-fed him while berbaring. I was so tired holding him all day long. But Maleec was still hungry and insisted for more milk. If not, tanak tido! Sayang did message late night. Today I finish watching ‘Luna Fantasiku’. Oklah. Citer remaja. Though I’m not a teenager anymore, I still enjoy watching teenage movie/series/drama. I woke up early to feed him, then to call up Sayang. He reminded me to bring Maleec’s photo to develop since the old ones rejected. Since Maleec tido, I ran quickly to the shop in front of my house and fetched it back an hour later. Cuak jugak tinggal Maleec sorang-sorang at home. But do I have any other choice? Panggil Sayang kat rig that's near to Iraq, to come back? Yer la tuh! Then, I called embassy and liaised with a person named George. After emailing the picture to him, he called and said the picture is good enough for passport. Great! As for food, I cooked masak lemak cili api ikan and ikan masin. I fried keropok yang mak kirimkan pun, along with nugget and French fries. I miss Sayang. I know he misses me too. I just don’t want to do anything, nak reserve buat with him. Huhu!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jerawat Ni Nak Kene Picit Tak?

17th May, 2009

Kesian Maleec. He is still suffering colic. He hardly sleeps and constantly wants to be near me. And his rashes grew more at his face. Macam jerawat. Sayang called early in the morning and gave me a heartbreaking news: he has to go to other rig straight from the current rig. Meaning, he won’t be back home. Sedih tak terhingga. But I was so busy with Maleec, thus the reaction tu tak la sangat. If Maleec is not around yet, mau mengamuk sampai ke malam. Another news, Maleec's photo for his passport is been rejected. WTF?! And now baru nak cakap? Bongok!Sayang called again, around 2-ish pm, saying he will be back home for an hour for shower and then go to another rig. Yay! At least I can see his face. At least he can see Maleec for awhile. I called up Zabaidah and told her not to come today. Sayang reached home when I was feeding Maleec and Sayang covered with mud! Busuk! Pegi dok jauh-jauh! Hehe.

Sayang: Ni kenapa muka Maleec penuh jerawat ni?
Me: Rashes la…
Sayang: Sure? Dah Tanya Mama? Nak kene letak ubat apa-apa tak?
Me: You nak suggest ubat jerawat you ke?
(Hanya kami yang faham lawak ni!)

After realizing Maleec’s diapers left one bag and I miss eating fruit so much, I convinced Sayang to stay with Maleec for awhile as I rushed to The Sultan Centre for a quick shopping. Just imagine I did it all in less than 45 minutes! Penat tu jangan cakap la. As I reached home, Sayang was ready to work, again. And I fell sad, again. Life is not EASY! As night falls, I wasn’t alone. I have Maleec to remind me of Sayang. They are so alike: needy. Need constant tender. Haha. And I’m more than happy to give them my love. Good night Sayang. Hopefully Maleec tak buat perangai malam ni.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Colic Attack!

16th May, 2009

Happy birthday Amirah! Hari ni nak makan ayam yang Mama dah marinated. So looking forward. Sayang called kata nak balik esok, Zabaidah came and urut me. But Maleec hardly sleep. Sah colic! Ni semua angkara the Coke I drank past 2 days. Damn it! kesian anak. Thus, I stayed with him all day long kat katil. Asyik tak lena tido. Bunyi berderam. Kesian my love. Berapa kali kena peluk him as he felt uncomfy. Letak minyak talon and ironed towel on his tummy pun. Malam memanglah dia tak tido. Nikita called and had a good chat. Miss her! Moral: Jangan minum gas drink till your newborn is 3-month-old.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


15th May, 2009

Woke late again. Nothing much around. Maleec tak nakal sangat. Mama buat kenduri at her school for Maleec. Thank you Mama. Mama is at kg as Ayah is demam. Sedih.

14th May, 2009

Bangun awal as Sayang called suruh siap. Maleec tak buat perangai sangat pagi ni. Baik je. We went to Foreign Affair Ministry in Kuwait City then to Malaysian Embassy in Safat to do Maleec’s passport and birth certificate. Happy to see him again, yet sad seeing his tired face. The whole night he didn’t sleep, holding his shift, then comes back to town in the morning. Alhamdulillah all the stupid process finished around 1-ish pm and we were happy heading home. Reached home, bath Maleec and put him to sleep. Called up Burger King and had a Double Whopper set. I know I’m not suppose to take gas drink, but Coke is so tempting. Had it with Sayang. Called Zabaidah and told her she doesn’t have to come today. Too tired to have other people in the house. Managed to get a short nap later and Maleec was still asleep. Sayang had to go at the evening, leaving me and Maleec alone, again. We miss you daddy!

13th May, 2009

Blank. Zabaidah didn’t come today. Too tired to write. Penat!

12th May, 2009

Happy birthday Fareez!

11th may, 2009

Bangun tido, Sayang ada kat sebelah. Not so fast! He has to get to office to do calibration at 6am. Talking about tough life! Maleec tak tido sangat siang hari ni. Asyik terjaga cos nak berak. Sayang came home at 5.30pm just to have quick dinner and catch a nap before off to the rig. I miss him!

10th May, 2009

My first time celebrating Mother’s Day. Maleec takla nakal sangat hari ni. As usual sibuk with him every 3 hours. Sempat call mama. Katanya nak balik kampong tengok mak wam. At 11/30am, Sayang balik. Balik kejap salin baju terus pergi embassy and stuff, nak siapkan civil id Maleec. Zabaidah datang masa Maleec tengah menyusu. Kesian dia tunggu me siap. Sayang tido dengan anak. Comel sangat tengok both of them tido bersama. Malam, had dinner with Sayang. He had nasi and kari ikan while I had roti canai. Then tengok Melodi. Lama tak manja and dimanjakan suami. Luckily malam-malam Maleec tak buat perangai. Dapat tido nyenyak.

9th May, 2009

We are doing well, aren’t we? I finally understand a lil bit my lil sayang’s pattern. Memang bangun lambat sangat today since terbangun je tengah malam. I have no appetite to eat, maybe because I miss mama and Sayang so much. Owh ya! I determine to mandikan Maleec and I did it. Maybe tak sebersih Mama mandikan him, but I’m proud that I did it. Not so bad eh. Zabaidah datang mengurut and Maleec still awake. Thus I letak him on the crib and he plays by himself. Pandai anak mummy ni!. I realize that he is getting taller as his knit blanket tak boleh fold into half betul2. plus he knows how to drink from my breast correctly. So takla lama sangat baru nak kenyang nowadays. I love you son! I miss daddy too. Memang rindu sangat kat Sayang. Mana taknya, a month dia duduk rumah. A month tido bertemankan suami. Sabar ya Fatin!

8th May, 2009

We again woke up late. Not so late. But last night Maleec drank from 11.30pm till 3.30am. I was so reckless and Sayang did a very good job jaga Maleec. Hence, he woke very late, just right before sembahyang Jumaat. We had tomyam today. Maleec tido the whole day. Dari 3.30am semalam, he woke at 9am for a quick on before dozed off again. 1pm baru bangun for milk, Sayang mandikan dia sekali. Sayang got a SMS that he has to go to the rig at 6pm today. Tuhan je yang tahu how sad and scare am I. Apa boleh buat. That’s our life. We spent time as much as we can. Alhamdullillah Maleec so far tak buat perangai. Just masa tukar baju, tiba-tiba terpancut. Hehe. My boy.

7th May, 2009

Woke up late again. Maleec drank so much in the morning. Plus berak yang berbakul. Orang urut dating. Today she just massages me. She cried telling me about her difficult life. Kesian. Sayang just discovered that Maleec learned something new. He found his ears and hardly put his hand off his ears. Tido pun nak pegang telinga. Vivi came right after I habis mengurut, dengan Zairal. Siap bawak fatayer sekali.

5th May, 2009

Woke up late as Maleec hardly sleep at the late morning. Plus I manage to jemur him pagi tadi. Diam je masa mummy jemur dia. Selesa kot after I cleaned up his poop. The massager came at 10.30am and we discussed on her services. Promised to come back at 2pm to massage me but didn’t turn up. Called and she said she will start tomorrow. Second day we bath Maleec. His umbilical cord dropped when sayang removed the wrapping napkin from his body. Terkejut kami! We are still miss mama. Sayang cooked kari ikan for me. Sedap! Vivi came in the afternoon dengan anak-anak dia. Kecoh kejap rumah! Happy!

4th May, 2009

First day without mama at home. Sunyi je rumah rasanya. I did porridge for myself. Teringat mama suap me porridge on my second day bersalin kat hospital. I saw mama’s room, kosong je.. God! Kuatkan imanku. Tabahkan aku. Well, looking at sayang and Maleec sejukkan my hati. Sayang went to Fahaheel and TSC Mangaf, looking for few items. Sedih tengok he balik with beras on his shoulder. He got Maleec the baby monitor, so that we can hear him crying while we watch tv.

14th April, 2009

Wake up very early as mummy arrives today. We went to the airport at 6.15am and reach there around 6.45am. At the screen, it shows that mama’s plane is landed at 6.04am, but there is no sign of her. We wait till 7.30am and sayang had his Burger King’s breakfast, but still no sign of her. At last, I saw her walking through the glass door and absolutely made up my day. Balik rumah, mama dah lapa. But Juma and I are excited with the package from Malaysia. Mama helps herself at the kitchen, cook few dishes, add with mak’s rending and sayang is happy to have his sambal ikan bilis. We even have tapai and kek biskut marie from Siti. Bless! Lepas tuh, I duduk bersila mengadap baju baby yang sangatlah banyak. From mama je dah tak larat basuh. Mak beli lovely sarung tangan and kaki and head cover. Mama beli sampai dua blanket. Baju for baby memang banyak from mama, cukup sampai umur setahun. Plus jamu, minyak angin and barut. Mak bagi keropok and mama is happy to goring them. Mama bawak perencah yang sangatlah banyak. We are bless with dedicated and lovely parents. We talk and rest until night falls. Then we headed to Canary Restaurant in Fahaheel. Really sumbat mama and uncle with Arabic food. Haha. Lepas tu, go around Fahaheel Bazaar. Banyak gerai tutup, must be because of weekend. Next stop is Al Kout Market. Before, parents have photo section at the quay. Hehe. What a great day!

12th April, 2009

Wake up early. Make breakfast for husband and myself. Eat mine and continue sleeping till 10+ am. Then decided want to have fish today. Sayang goes to Sultan Centre alone as I start preparing lunch and continue the yesterday project: cushion cover. He continues the quest as he reaches home. And all the cushions are fully covered now. And we have a pleasant lunch; masak lemak cili api ikan+labu+potato+tomato, ikan masin and telur goreng. Call mama to give her our house add. She told me mak dah keluar hospital. I’m glad. And adik will be send to rumah abang Sabarin while mama in Kuwait. Kesian adikku! Sayang and I are quite mellow after lunch and I take a short nap. Then dinner the same thing like we had for lunch. Suddenly house phone rings. Ingat ke sapa.. but it is Anis. Lama jugak berborak with her. Talk about pregnancy sampailah ke mana nak bawak mama jalan-jalan. Ca dah mengandung. Happy for her. Dia dah balik Malaysia pun. Then main game with sayang and prepare to sleep.

11th April, 2009

I had my breakfast, but sayang didn’t. He straight away goes to the office to hand over the monthly expenses. We decided to go to The Avenues today. Dah lama tak pergi to The Avenues. Kind of excited once we reach there since I saw lots of 50% discount. H&M, Gap, Forever 21, BHS… huaargghhh!! Had Chinese food for lunch at the food court. Then ahead to Carrefour. I ditch sayang half way as I make my way to my favorite boutiques. Then we go to Ikea together to find the shoe rack. After a while, we make up our mind to go back to Carrefour for floor cushion and some groceries and Ikea the last stop to buy the shoe rack, rug and photo frame. Had a little drama while deciding what and where to buy. Went to Mothercare and saw a breast pump set at KD17.50. I think it is a good buy but sayang said ‘no’. Enough say. Reach home at 7 and call Nikita to cancel the dinner with her. She invited us for dinner, but Kalidas already has guests. Some other time, ok? Help sayang with the shoe rack and walla! Kasut all neat at the rack. After a simple dinner, we go to the 100 fiils shop to buy cloth for cushion cover. Dah lama tak menjahit. But sayang insists to menjahit. Tapi tanak orang ajar. ‘Let me learn through mistake.’ Ha! Ambik! Dah senget benget! Malas nak kata apa. But suddenly my pelvis and vagina cramp. Sakit giler.Tido je la.

6th April, 2009

My day start with Sayang saying goodbye, ready to work. Today is his presentation day and I hope all his effort for his second trial will be fruitful. I believe in him! House cleaners come and I have to get up from the bed. Huargghh!! Read my email to find out mak wam is hospitalized for kidney infection. I try to cool myself down. Breakfast as usual.. but my stomach is making whatever noise, so I just cook the rice and fry the fish. Until Sayang calls and screams out loud that he did it! His nightmare of not getting promotion had ended. Syukur alhamdullillah. Sayang comes home with a pack of mix grill. His favorite mix grill at his office. We just get lazy around the house. At 7, we are off to see Dr. Ashraff. Do the norm scanning, but he said he wants to check my vagina. His finger struck into my vagina, deep inside till he can touch baby’s head. Ouch! Damn painful. Luckily my pain is relish with a Big Mac meal. Baby now weight 2.6kg. He is gaining weight! Yay! Later, we head to carpet shops and browse around for a piece of carpet to put at the hall. We bought a dark red carpet with some splash of beige for KD14. Happy! House looks different with a piece of carpet. It made up my day.. and definitely sayang’s! Bless!

1st April 2009

Today is my first day unemployed. Thought of sleeping till late morning, nut I have to get up to make room for my housekeepers to clean up the house. Juma woke
up early as he thought his review with Hamad will start early. Pity him as he only realized Hamad’s sms after he took bath and dress up, ready to work. I got up and made myself a breakfast and we shared a bowl of instant noodle. Later, I prepared lunch for us. I made fish curry. Delicious! Juma didn’t have them at home since he left at11.30 am. I was alone, cleaned up guest bedroom. It tired me. So I stayed on bed. Called up mama, mak yah and Azhan since it is his birthday. Mak yah told me Kak Lina is pregnant. Hmm.. at last! And Mak wam is having fever. Sedih. Watched online series at TV3. Download ‘Sepi’ film. Then called up Ayu and Nikita till Juma got back. Then I made him wedges and we tucked under blanket and watched ‘Sepi’ together. Sad. I’m so happy that I’m surrounded with people that love me so much. After watching the movie, we stayed on bed, talked about our uni time, didn’t realize it was 10 pm already. Quickly I got up and cook lunch for both of us. Rendang ayam. Had dinner at 11 pm. Tried to stay awake, but can’t beat it. Good night!