Monday, May 18, 2009

Jerawat Ni Nak Kene Picit Tak?

17th May, 2009

Kesian Maleec. He is still suffering colic. He hardly sleeps and constantly wants to be near me. And his rashes grew more at his face. Macam jerawat. Sayang called early in the morning and gave me a heartbreaking news: he has to go to other rig straight from the current rig. Meaning, he won’t be back home. Sedih tak terhingga. But I was so busy with Maleec, thus the reaction tu tak la sangat. If Maleec is not around yet, mau mengamuk sampai ke malam. Another news, Maleec's photo for his passport is been rejected. WTF?! And now baru nak cakap? Bongok!Sayang called again, around 2-ish pm, saying he will be back home for an hour for shower and then go to another rig. Yay! At least I can see his face. At least he can see Maleec for awhile. I called up Zabaidah and told her not to come today. Sayang reached home when I was feeding Maleec and Sayang covered with mud! Busuk! Pegi dok jauh-jauh! Hehe.

Sayang: Ni kenapa muka Maleec penuh jerawat ni?
Me: Rashes la…
Sayang: Sure? Dah Tanya Mama? Nak kene letak ubat apa-apa tak?
Me: You nak suggest ubat jerawat you ke?
(Hanya kami yang faham lawak ni!)

After realizing Maleec’s diapers left one bag and I miss eating fruit so much, I convinced Sayang to stay with Maleec for awhile as I rushed to The Sultan Centre for a quick shopping. Just imagine I did it all in less than 45 minutes! Penat tu jangan cakap la. As I reached home, Sayang was ready to work, again. And I fell sad, again. Life is not EASY! As night falls, I wasn’t alone. I have Maleec to remind me of Sayang. They are so alike: needy. Need constant tender. Haha. And I’m more than happy to give them my love. Good night Sayang. Hopefully Maleec tak buat perangai malam ni.

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