Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I got the first RFQ! YAY! Everybody say........ YAY!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Accenture Got Juma!

Kenapa la I'm so lazy to update my blog? Fatin! It is important for you to update your blog! That's like your diary! OK! Better buckle up and be more discipline!

Hubby is back to KL last week. And last Thursday (15/4/2010), he started his duty in Accenture. A lot of fun hearing his first day experience. Meeting new people, and old friend, new culture and lots of things open our eyes on other thing in this world. this is totally a new environment to him. Kena pakai handsome2, talk properly and have to take care of those etiquette.

Me in other hand, is still samo samo. In my mom's as it had been no rain for almost two weeks, I can't stand teh heat anymore. thus, I went with anak and adik to purchase an A/C. And siaplah A/C dipasang. But berbunyi la pulak! Haishhh!

Maleec pulak dah semakin besar. Mulut tu memang taktau diam.. Nak cakap je! NAd memang laju naik tangga. If before naik dengan lutut, now dah naik panjat sendiri. Siap boleh pegang railing lagi. Plus he is pandai already getting down by himself. Kelakar tengok. Kalau sampai dekat tengah tu, like achieve his milestone, he will clap his hand.

Nad pantang kalau dengar lagu apa-apa, mest nak goyang badan and clamp his hand. Kadang-kadang I heard he is singing. Tah la lagu apa. And suka Allahuakbar. He will angkat tangan as if tengah takbir and say 'Awwwhh'. Sometimes tangan tu hingga ke belakang telinga. Also suka cakap telefon. Kalau I say Halo, he will quickly put the phone to his ear.

Oh ya! Not forgetting to say, WE HAVE OUR OWN LAND OLEDI! Hubby bought a piece of land dekat Cheras for us to build our house. Excited! rm156 k for 6,000 sq.ft. So I'm officially busy getting our house ready! Yay!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Familia

For few days I didn't blogging. Tired, no time, but not that i don't remember to blogging.

Suami sayang quitted his Brunei company and now back to Malaysia. To be exact, he is in Kl already, with my madu, Nonet. Tak jumpa isteri, jumpa pengapit dulu! Hish! Sakit jiwa. But everything seems back to the track. He'll be joining Accenture (M) very oon, perhaps mid of next month. They are still negotiating on the salary and benefit. Tu yang dok buat lawak dengan dia tu. 'Lepas ni baby pakai baju Prada, kasut Gucci, siap cuff link lagi. Pastu, rambut pacak-pacak. Macam abang kota. Then bawak kete kancil.' Wakaka! I remember razif and Azhan's joke tu. Memang lawak! Okeh, some might not undertand... but we do.. really!

Anak tersayang is 11 months already. Kelmarin dulu, we went back to umah mak wam. Sajalah balik kampung. Lama tak jenguk mak(my grandmother). Adik tolong pegangkan Maleec dalam kete. And, eventually, Kak Ja(my cousin) and Long Ma(my aunt) were there with Kak Ja's youngest son, Haziq. We had fun, plus Mak Yah(my aunt) rebus perut, my favorite dish ever! And mak mestilah happy anak, cucu and cicit dia balik.

Yesterday pulak, Utah(my aunt) sekeluarga came to jenguk us. happy2 sangat! Main sakanlah Maleec dengan Haniff and Laila. Double joy for me. Jumpa Utah + Maleec jumpa kawan! Yay!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Decision... decision...

There is no ending in work!!! I thought I prepared well for today, nevertheless, still, my works are piling up. Penat ok! With Maleec, kerja 10 mins, jadi 10 jam. Nak didukung je!

Suami tersayang still has doubt on his job offer. He hates Brunei to his guts, but the money is good. Offer from Accenture is tempting. Working in high-class office, wearing high-end designer clothes, mixing with high- educated people, memang la best. Hiwever, the money is not as good as kerja kat rig yang panas, busuk, and now, di tengah-tengah laut!!! Gila lah! Kawan ngan jaws la nanti.

Then, he said his superitendant cakap his qualification is not up to what they want... What the F? Ni hangin satu badan ni?! Tak tengok resume dulu ke before hiring? What the bullshit?? Whatever, he knows best which to choose and I'm right behind him.

Maleec pun satu, hari ni. As usual, he woke me up very early in teh morning (read as: 8 am). After that, he was at not other place than on his mummy. Nak masuk dalam perut balik, besar sangat. Dah la tu, when I had my lunch, dia pun sebok nak makan jugak. In the ennd, I had to suap his porridge using hand (as if macam I makan nasi) and I can't finish my rice. Huh! Anak sayang ni! Betul-betul la Mummy nak kena find my inner peace!

Oklah, nak lepak! Daaa!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maleec dan Adult's Pinggan

Today is not that hectic. Kind of normal for me and Maleec. Hidung dia still berhingus. Suami tercinta still in Brunei and i'm still juggling between my work and layan my prince.

And today I had homemade bihun soup. Last night Mama did for her and uncle. Nampka sedap and senang. So I made one for myself today. With a little bit of tulang ayam and prawns. Yummy!

As Maleec getting bigger, he hardly want to eat. i don't think it's because of the food. I memamg masak sedap punya! Hehe.. Must be because he is getting bigger and naughtier. So, instead of putting on his plate, I put on our bowl. And walla! he took the bait! Nak makan pinggan orang besar rupanya. Minum air pun kena ada trick. I drink a bit from his bottle and give it to him. Ha! kalau sebelum ni punyalah berpaling muka kalau dibagi air. Ni minum macam dah 10 tahun tak jumpa air. Wakaka.. Okalah. i want to browse the net. Bye people!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Maleec and My Phone

I been telling myself that I have to update my blog more frequent. Today anak sayang still with flu. Memang susah nak bagi makan ubat. Kena bukak bersilat habis, baru ubat masuk tekak. Buas tu his first name now. Manja tu memang tak boleh buang. Buat apa pun nak bergayut kat Mummy. Now, makan pun dah pandai memilih. Susah nak suap makan. In the end, I give him food while he is bathing. Tengah hari pun I rendam Maleec in tub, just to give him food.

Yang lawaknya tadi, he took my phone yang memang dah macam his phone and put at his ear. As if talking to the phone, mulut tu bising with his voice dgn his own language. Wakaka... Tersengih Maleec bila diusik, nampak la gigi kapak yang nak kuar tu!

Daddy is in Brunei. And I miss him dearly. Rindu sangat. Tatau bila lagi nak jumpa. Keep on thinking bout what he is doing, what did he eat, where he is sleeping, etc2..

My day hectic quite slow today. keje pun tak banyak. Oklah, wanna take some rest. Goodnight ppl!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kak Dura

So many recap I have to do. Ok, we start from last Friday. It was Maulidur Rasul, thus it was a public holiday in Msia. But since I'm working with UAE company, Friday is their weekend. However, on that day, my favorite cousin would be back to kampung. So I planned few days earlier to go back and see my latest niece, Dinah, and of course her mother, Kak Dura.

Who is Kak Dura?

She is Pak Ngah's second daughter and the closest with me. My teenage life mostly been influenced by her. I want to dress up like her, act like her, talk like her. Haha. Funny yeah! Until today still, I look up on her. She is independent, open minded, helpful (trust me!) and of course, love reading so much! She is a bookworm, I'm a bookworm... wakakaka.. She used to ask me to put on lipstick when I was 16. 'Put some color on your face.' Always let me experiment with all the beauty products she has. The funniest thing is I cried till I can't open my eyes on the day she got married. And it last till 2 days later. I was so sad that Abang Daniel took her away and brought her back to Switzerland. Till then, we have nothing inj common... till the arrival of Maleec! We are mummies now! Yay!

And last weekend was a blast! Meeting my beloved cousin... at last!

Unfortunaltely on Sunday afternoon, Maleec got high fever. It reached till 38 degrees which alarm me that this is no joke. Went to the clinic for check-up and taking the opportunity, we weighted him. He is 10.6 kg by now 10 months.

At night, his sleep was not as smooth as before. It was quite scary to hear him having difficulty breathing. Kesian anak sayang! At 4am, I woke Mama up cos he seemed very ill. Alhamdullillah, after he took his medicine, he soundly slept.

Today, he is getting better. But still, he has no voice! Tapi anak sayang macam enjoy his husky voice je! Dah la bangun tidur, berak atas tilam mummy. At night, MAma was so tired to cook. So we ended up having dinner at Pizza Hut's.

Tomorrow, daddy handsome nak balik! Yay!