Saturday, May 23, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Maleec was being impossible yesterday. He didn’t sleep well from the time I bath him till 11 pm. He just drank a lot of milk. Called up mak to ask about the rashes. She said its norm. Ok then. I cooked tomyam ayam as its been a while I didn’t have tomyam. Kirana called.

At night, I watched ‘He is Just Not That Into You’. Actually, I’ve been waiting to watch this movie since last year. A lot of my favorite celebrity are cast in this movie. The most anticipated is none other than Kevin Connolly. I like him a lot in ‘Entourage’. I never see him before in silver screen. The conclusion about this movie is, it’s moving at some part, especially Gigi’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) character. Her judgment on guys always wrong as she is affected by emotion a lot. It reminds me of my old days when I went out with guys. The frustrated part is when the guy(s) that you like didn’t give the response as you wish, but the guy(s) that you are not so into, give a good move. Hah! I’m happy that the phase is totally gone and I’m dating one and only guy, Mr. Azzumar. Another thing about this movie that remind me a lot on those days is that; never ever date married man. Because?! Because you are always on the losing side. Another thing is, we, human, sometimes are blind. We couldn’t see that the best thing in our life in just in front of our eyes, until we lose them. Beth (Jennifer Aniston) almost lost her longtime-loyal-sweet-caring boyfriend, just because she wants marriage. Luckily Neil (Ben Affleck) is so loyal-sweet-caring, that he didn’t leave her.

Anyway, after awhile I didn’t watch a movie from back to back, this is one made a record. I managed to finish watching the movie, thanks to my son who can’t sleep and only wants to be on my lap.

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