Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fabric Day

This is my second time writing the post for today. The first one was gone, as I can’t publish it. Whatever.

As today, it can be concluded as an active day since I reached Kuwait. I started my day with chatting with Nik. He ordered some fabric from me to sell for Eid Fitr, like I stated in yest’s blog. And today was all about closing the deal. We discussed on the quantity, the courier, the types of fabric and the colors.

Juma was bugging me a lot too, today, since he was getting bored at the rig. In the end, I had my lunch late, say at 2-ish p.m. later, I entertained my own project, making a new top. Yest I bought a piece of stripe silk. I’ve been eyeing that one since last month. I love the texture and color of it, but I have no idea what am I going to do with it.

I went to my favorite shop in town, the sewing material shop, after I bought the silks and crepes for Nik. I don’t know what to get at the shop but I have no worries. I know I’m going to get something there. And I successfully managed some money at that shop. I bought an iron-on for my skirt, a glass ring, zip for the top and some big safety pins (I don’t know when am I going to use them).
I didn’t stop there. I went to underground shop to indulge myself more. There was where I found cute hair clips and a belt.

And now, I’m sitting in from of television watching Little Manhattan with fried chicken, French fries and ice tea. Heaven!

p/s: I always want to stay in L.A or New York. That’s my dream..huhu

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I was frying my dinner (chicken wings) when I just realize I was running out of gas. And seeing my chicken wings drowning in the warm oil made me laugh. Anyways, Hassan; the supervisor for my building, came as fast as he could and save my chicken wings.

I had quite a dry day today. I went to my favorite fabric shop near to my house. Nik requests for pics of the fabric. Actually we are trying to buy few patterns and type to sell for Eid Fitr. However, the sad news is the owner turned down my request to snap few pics. I was so sad and frustrated. Juma told me earlier that he might turn me down. But I told him I’m positive about it.

To cheer me up, I went to my other favorite shop for window shopping’. Looking at new things and smell the new clothes just turn my mood on. Hehe. I tried few flat shoes and really thought of purchasing that, but my guts told m that Juma might be angry at my extensive expenditure.

But my eyes caught nice fishnet socks. There were quite many choices with different color. As this was my first fishnet, I bought in two safe/common color; black and white. I love the white one.Wearing it with my Oxford shoes give me the vibe as a student, again. But the black one was not like what I expected. I thought it will be higher, sat in the middle between my ankle and knee. unfortunately, it was slightly above my ankle. However, I'm still happy! Can’t wait to wear it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hookah and Stories

A night before last night was a blast for both of us. I know it is quite late to celebrate Juma's birthday, but we haven't has the official ones, yet. So we planned to celebrate at Applebee's. I love the environment over there so much that make me keep on want to go there. I love to be surrounded by colorful frame with old pictures, in different sizes. I always dream my own house's walls will be cover with all the pictures of me, Juma, my kids, my family and friends.

Well, since I have new sewing machine and few pieces of fabrics, I determined to sew a nice short dress to match up with a panty-hose. Thus, around 2-ish pm, I started cutting and sewing, and only be interrupted by Anies. She and her problem. As to me, it is such a small, tiny problem. But hearing she was sad at that moment, kind of tearing me down. She never escape from her drama. Something like in The Hills, only that it is Anies's version. However, I managed to complete the dress, just in time.

After we dined at Applebee's, we headed home, only to realized it was quite early to be home. So we went to the local cafe, and had hookah. It was so cheap!!! As cheap as KD0.50 (USD1.70 or RM6.50). We had it in apple flavor. It had been awhile after my lash hookah-ing, say a year ago.

Juma and I stayed there for almost 3 hours, talking about nothing, but people around us. I told her about Anies her and her stuffs, which lead us to talk about the drama in our respective family. After a while, I realized, somehow or rather, I had grew up. The way I see those problems are in different perspective compare to few years ago. Things that before I always make it such a big deal, now to me it is just nothing. I'm glad!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Pursuit of Happyness

I read in my favorite blog about listing 6 things that make me happy. So, here is my list:

1. Be around my family and friends - my mom and I love to shop, anywhere; from to the market to the boutique. I love her sense of fashion and I inspire a lot from her. When I was in primary school, I always followed her to the mall right after school. In the school uniform, the smelly me patiently waited for her in from of the fitting room, while she tried as many clothes as she liked. I love to help her around the kitchen too. Listening to her stories about her daily routine, gossiping around. I miss those moments. I enjoy being with my siblings too, either watching movie or just lazying at home. Hanging out with my friends always make up my day. Doesn't matter what we are doing, but just having them around will make me smile widely.

2. Trying new clothes, shoes and accessories - I'm a girlish girl. I love clothes, vintage, designer or just a simple sleepwear. The smell of new clothes is like small kid licks ice cream, yummy! So does shoes and accessories. Right now, I do my own necklaces and bracelets since I have so much time at home. And I sew my clothes, with the help of my sewing machine.

3. Discovering - I mean places here. No matter it is in new country or in my hometown, I just love to discover new place. When I visited my then boyfriend, I was jumping happily in the car when we came across Rodeo Drive. Despite the weather is hot here in Kuwait, I can't help from walking along the streets in Fahaheel where they sell cheap fabrics such as cotton and crepe.

4. On the swing - I can stay on swing for hours, with my iPod. Maybe my body is on the swing, but my mind, only God knows where it is.

5. On the chair - With my laptop, wireless connection, a mug of hot tea and muffin, I can sit on my chairs, reading ppl's blogs, interesting stories, browsing the fashion, helping myself with celebrities gossip.. oh God! It's heaven!

6. Juma - the presence of him just make me happy. Whatever he does; he and his x-box or watching tv or eating or on the net, anything! Sometimes we didn't talk, but the fact that he is near to me just make me happy!

What about you? What are the things that can bright up your day?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cotton Mouth

Today is quite quiet for me. Juma left to the rig early in the morning. I did nothing, just browsing blogs (vintage lover blogs), called up Ainul (she told me she is getting married next Aug) and did some sewing work.

Lately my obsession towards cotton grows stonger and stonger. I have yet study enough about cotton. I don't really know the different name of cotton, except for Egyptian cotton. But I know the different from the way it felt when you touch it.
I remember way back when I was small, my mom loved to make my baju kurung using cotton for to go to mengaji Al-Quran. Maybe because it is comfortable for kids to wear cotton as it absorb sweat. Or maybe because it is easy to handle (easy to wash and no need to press). Anyhow, I jut love to wear cotton, any where and in any weather.

I love the texture f it, not too hard as some organza but not too soft like silk. It is just nice. And I noticed vintage clothes especially the floral dress and high waisted skirt made from cotton. Thus, I bought few at the shop near my area (Mangaf and Fahaheel) whenever I caught nice design in the blogs.

And here is some of my collection. Ainul said it is chantek. I agree!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Crab Oh Crab

It had been awhile I didn't post. I have no reason to take a break. No other reason, just that I was lazy. Lazying doing nothing.

Btw, I really had fun yesterday. In the morning, I chatted with my cousin, Suraya. She told me just got back from my grandparents'. Imie, Suraya, Shila, Shifa and their parents took the opportunity of school holiday to visit my grandparents. So did pak ngah and family. I bet my grandmother must be damn happy. She is a very emotional type (just like me!) and loves to be surrounded by her grandchildren. On the other hand, my granfather is very practical. He is easy going person who is easy to please. I miss my family so much.

Anyway, Juma came back from work earlier than usual (surprised me though!). He was grambling about not going to the rig yet for this month. I love to keep him at home, but I understand he needs to get to the rig in order to fulfill my shopping desire. Haha. since he was early at home and it was Monday (movie ticket is half price on Monday, but still expensive compared to Malaysia), we went to Al-Kout to catch the Incredible Hulk. It was okay, not so great, not so bad. But I love Liv Tyler, so anything with Liv will be okay for me.
Later, after the movie, we went to the wet market. At first, we thought of making chicken curry for dinner. But we changed our mind when the crab was quite cheap yesterday. We bought 1kg of crab for KD1. Although other stalls sold at 750 fiils, but to me, KD1 is cheap enough. And it was my first experience to clean up the crab. Juma did the cleaning, but I knew already how to do it! I learned something yesterday! Great!
At home, we had masak lemak cili padi ketam. It was fabulous, even though the chilli wasn't hot enough. I can say that we had a great dinner.
Thanks sayang, again, for everything!