Thursday, February 25, 2010

Penat Ya Hari Ni!

I don't know why lately I'm quite busy to snap pictures. Then it ends up with my blog without photo. Ah! Who cares?

Anyway, today is such a hectic day. I'm so tired and can't sleep. Maybe because I'm too tired. There were so many to be completed and I hardly breath. Kesian Maleec. But still, I never neglect him. Reema was having her hard time tracing the right supplier when the PO comes in and got so angry. Oh! Pity her! Btw, for those who is still clueless, I'm back working with my old company as a buyer. I love doing it, I think it is fun and I like the adrenalin rush that it sends me.

After my working hour, Fareez and I went to Tesco Ekstra for dinner and buy some stuffs for Maleec. Since i'm working at home, I guess I want to splurge on baju pakai kat rumah. So I bought cheap but cl tank top. I'm still looking for sweatpants that has good material. Eyes open, people!

Sayang is still in Miri. He had a hard time today and yesterday. They have to attend survival training with fire and water. Yesterday, they have to enter a house (I guess??) that was on fire! Alhamdullillah, he managed (obviously!) to escape. He told me that there was a lady, a BIG lady, who got stuck at the door and can't get out from the house. After been rescued, instaed of say 'terima kasih', she scolded teh supervisor! 'Kenapa letak api? Kanapa tutup pintu?' What the ...? You are in the survival training la, makcik!

And today sayang has to menyelam dalam air. They pushed him into the sea and he has to swim to the safe spot. Tersemput-semput cik Juma nak menyelamatkan diri. Hahaha!

Update a bit on maleec. He is so talkative in his own languange. Always talk with anything that he holds. HE also loves to climb stairs and kiss his mummy while climbing. Anak manja!He can stand by himself, but malas nak berdiri lama-lama! Hish!
Okay ppl! I'm sooooooooo tired!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rambutku Sudah Pendek

I woke up as usual today. Had a bad day yesterday. My youngest brother really test my patience. Anyway, everything went smooth today. Maleec had been such an adorable anak, tak kacau mummy buat kerja. Work pours in like nobody business.

Sayang yang selamatnya di Miri was having his hard time, trying to figure out how to survive at the offshore. Hmmm... good luck baby!

Last night I was stalking bungalow lot at Sungai Buloh. Unfortunately, nobody return my call till now. The price is still reasonable. Hmm.. pray hard that this stalking will end soon!

Ally returned my call and it was lovely to have a quick chat. And later, I went out to get my hair cut. Memang rimas sangat rambut panjang musim panas ni! Nak amik gamba, but my webcam is not working pulak. Adoi! Tomorrow Mak wants me to pick her up, but I don't think I'm able to do that. Ok people, good night!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy V Day!

I seldom celebrate Valentine's Day. But I don't know why, I want to celebrate it this year. Maybe because I miss him so much. Or maybe because it had been awhile I don't give any gift to him. Or maybe because I want his attention. Whatever the cause is, my hand feel so itchy to get him something.

After crashing my head, thinking what's the perfect gift (considering current situation taht we are homeless and me unemployed), I decided to get him a perfume.
And living in Sungai Petani really not helpful at all. So, I dragged my brothers and son to Bandar Perda's Jaya Jusco. At last, I got him Calvin Klein Free.
Happy Valentine's Day, my sweetheart. I heart you so much! Muah!

P/s: I really want to watch Valentine's Day movie. I love Bradley Coper, Jennifer Garner, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Julia Roberts and many more in that movie! Please, somebody please take care of Maleec so that I can go to cinema!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lengkap Kami 5 Beradik

Hmm... If people yang ikut this blog, mesti tau that I ni jenis kelam kabut... tak ikut tertib... kejap citer pasal petang.. pastu balik to what happen in pagi.. adoi! Ok, from now on.. I try to have tertib.

Well, my day start as usual... bangun, kemas umah sikit, mandi, mandi anak, breakfast.. bla..bla..bla.. Just that, mama tak ada di rumah since semalam.. she went to camping with budak2 dia. Maleec peed on me after his afternoon bath. And masa tulah daddy called ask me cari keje gov. Adoi!

Afternoon, adik-adik went out to shop, just left me and Adik to look after Maleec. Later, Uncle balik. And sooner later, orang pasang Streamyx sampai. Yay! Memang laju ok. Dah la boleh online kat mana-mana je.

Late in the evening, Mama sampai with her migrain. Kesian tengok Mama. Macam dah nak tumbang. Malam tu, kami keluar adik beradik to, again, Radix Oriental Cuisine. Oklah. Lengkap kami 5 beradik. Makan siakap stim, sayur kailan ikan masin, lala, and sizzling chicken. Maleec did enjoy sampai tertidur dalam kereta. And now, hujan tengah turun lebat sekali. Ong! Ong! Kedek! Kedek!

Friday, February 5, 2010

At Last, I HAve Opportunity To Update My Blog!

It's been soooooooo long I didn't update my blog. After we got back from Kuwait, my life is so unsettle. Not that I don't have time, just that the limitation on accessing internet. Right now, I;m back at my mom's. Sayang sent me and Maleec here last week. And he is safely back to KL. I'm back to my mom's as I started working already. I started on the 2nd of Feb. Back with Nikita & co. Hahaha... suppose to be my helper to look after Maleec arrive already.. but sadly no. Luckily my family is so helpful. Mama understand my situation very well.

Ayin is around for a week for his semester break. Sadly, he will be back tomorrow. Fareez is at home sebab demam. Last Friday, late at night, me n Ayin drove to his school to pick him up. Maleec cried heartedly in the car. Hish!

And yesterday we went back to kampung. Great to see mak. Miss her so much. Anis dah besar. Dah pandai melawa. Cakap pun dah ada pelat orang Kay El. Hahaha...

And last 2 days was my birthday. Getting older and hopefully wiser. We celebrated at Radix Oriental in advance since sayang has to go back o KL on the next day. DAh la tu, he was demam on the day dia balik KL.

Maleec pulak tengah dok try nak berdiri. Last 2 days dia manage panjat tangga. Mama bought him a walker. Mula-mula dok jalan ke belakang. Then the next day tu dah pandai ke depan. Now laju gagah berani meluncur. Wakakaka... Lepas tu, pantang nampak Boo, mesti nak pok Boo. Hahaha.. Nanti I paste the picture.. Till then.. daa!