Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New home

When my then-boyfriend told me that his first slb location is Kuwait, I scratched my brain. Trying to dig what I have in my mind about this country, was nothing except for their excessive big oil well, Gulf War and camel.

"Sayang, look outside!" And that was the first time I see sand storm in my life. It is a typical phenomenon in here. Your eyesight distance will be as bad as only 100m. Kuwait has 2 seasons; Summer and Winter. I reached here during the transition as the weather was pleasant. Windy and breezy.

My first visit when I reached here was to Sultan Centre, a local mart. Since it is just a walking distance fom our apartment, we decided to walk. As we walked, out of 8, 7 people I met were men. I made a simple conclusion, ladies stay at home. But what are doing at home? Cooking, taking care of the kids or house cleaning? But they have maid(s)?

What I have learn so far about Kuwaitis are:

1. They loooovvvveee smoking. They even smoke in air-conditioned building, in the airport and any public areas

2. The word 'queue' is never be in their dictionary. When I was in the mart, an Arab just ignored a long line and went straight up to the cashier. The same scene in the hospital when I did my medical check-up. Out of nowhere, he just popped his head at the door and about to cut the queue

3. Never award driving license to Kuwaitis! They are such bad drivers. I'm not aware what is the speed limit in Kuwait, but they drive extremely fast. They change lane without giving signal, they honk each other like hyena and they shisha-ing in the car. But their road system is tremendously cool, compared to my home country. They must plan it well then. I salute them for that. The system is more like the American system, where highway takes 3 lane each way. The sign board is well written in both English and Arabic.

4. They are excellent in making ignorance. When we were just landed at Kuwait, the flight attendants did make an announcement for the passengers not to switch on the phone. They were happily flout the message and go ahead making calls. Totally uncivilised!

5. I love their awareness on cleanliness. Their public market and toilet are well-kept. Compared to my home country, the market is well-oriented.

6. I'm not a saint. But I feel so sick when I see young generation in my home soil who lately ingore their self-respect and pride. The social ill becomes serious day by day because they forget their root and faith. And the law also the culture are seems allowing the illness to become severe. The lifesyle is to Westernize as it seems cool to adopt Western culture. I'm glad and happy looking at Kuwaitis lifestyle when I walked in the mall. They enjoy shopping with their family. Teenagers are not ashame to walk with their parents. Siblings are holding hands. That is the way of life should be.

7. Welfare institution is one of the important component of the economy growth of a country. I learned that the goverment really take a good care of their people's welfare. Thus, their populace are happy and they stay and work in their country. Unlike my home country, the inflation is getting higher, their citizens; professional or non-professional; leave the country because the salary is low and the cost of living is freakin'ly high. *sigh*

8. Rude might the middle name of Kuwaitis. They have lack of respect of expatriate, like me. When I did my medical check-up, I had to wait for a long time to enter the rom to take my blood. Eventually my husband can wait nomore, so he knocked. It happened to be the nurses close teh door as to enjoy their morning coffee!! Bloody rude!

As I'm riding my journey, I collect these experience. Hopefully it will make me wiser and a better person.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Kin

Tonight is the second night I have to stay home alone. I'm scared of sleeping alone. I hardly sleep last night. And it is quite bored staying all over by yourself. I was thrilled when my husband came back just now and told me that he might be going to the rig tomorrow morning. It means that he's gonna be at home tonight. Unfortunately, he has to go to the rig before dinner. Sad... But that's life, isn't it? So I went out, walking about, before the sun sets. I walked to Sultan Centre; a local mart, to buy some groceries. As I walked, I plugged in my Ipod, as that was what I do back in my hometown. As Unintended song sang by Muse brewed my ears, my past flashed into my eyes. Usually at this hour, I was helping with my mum preparing dinner. When I was in Sultan Centre, strolling down finding my stuffs, I miss my brothers badly. Remembering the time we chose the cheapest french fries and junk food at Tesco. I miss watching tv with them, cooking with Fareez, talking with Adik or lepak with Farhan. When Ayin is back, we are so complete. And now, everybody is everywhere. But they have one secret common place in me, in my heart.

You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You could be the one I'll always love
You could be the one who listens to my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one I'll always love

Nevertheless, I never regret of a thing with them. We have so much memories together. My past that mould the present me will make me generate stonger for my future. I love u all!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Journey begins

Okay.. this one might be the recap of wut happened for last few days. On the 13th of March, I flew to Kuwait with my husband. Our flight was at 11.00 am. My mother, stepfather, brothers, my dearest uncle who is like my very own dad and my closest cousin, Imie; were there besides my husband's parents. I don't know what is the best word to describe my feeling at that time. I was afraid, of course as I never leave my family this far and long before. I'm always a family girl, where I spent my semester break at my hometown, looking after my bros. I was afraid that I can't be there for them when I'm so far way. I was afraid to let myself rely on a person as I'm gonna be unemploy for a quite sumtimes. I'm a very independent girl before; earn my own money since I was in school. And I was afraid of what to expect of the future. I don't know what lays in front of me. However, I managed to arrive in Kuwait safely, courtesy of patient husband. We flew with Gulf Air, and as usual, I love cabin's duvet. So I get one for myself! The cabin crews are not as friendly as MAS's. I like their uniform, though. We reached Kuwait at 9.00pm local time but actually we travelled almost 20 hours since we transited 5 hours at Bahrain. What a long journey. At the airport, we had a lil trouble with the Custom as they saw us with big luggages. The Custom Officer went through 2 out of 3 our luggages as he took out all the things in the bag. The thing is, they pick their victim randomly, which is totally unfair! Owh.. forgot.. nothing is fair in this world. Alhamdullillah, we get thru with that. Later, we hailed a cab to bring us home. And that was my very first night in Kuwait


Hi to anyone who come across to this blog. A lil bit of intro bout moi. I'm 26 year old lad who is married to a wonderful, handsome man. And it happens to be he is working abroad, so I quit my job and follow him to his location. I'm happy yet nervous with my new status; married, unemployed and in foreign country. My new adventure is just begins, lets enjoy it!