Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today is a very non-productive day. I woke up neither too late nor too early and just lazily had my breakfast. Played with Maleec a lot. Zabaidah came a lil early as she has other appointment. Sudeer came to fetch the picture and later came back to hand me the birth cert. Masa nak mandi Maleec lah dia nak datang nya! Huh! Talked to Mama. Mama requested us to come home earlier than Nov. How I wish. But takkan nak tinggal Juma raya sorang-sorang sini? Takkan I nak tinggalkan my house lama-lama? Entahlah. Anyways, Malec dah start chuckle. How cute is my son! I love you, anakku!

Anyway, this is the list of the celebrity (femme) I adore. Enjoy!

1. Leighton Meester

so refreshing. love her so much in Gossip Girl and Entourage. i dunno whether i fall in love with her or her character in that series. but i like expression, she looks so lively. macam bahagia n happy all the time. kalau tengah susah hati and nak buat evil pun still lawa.

2. Anne Hathaway

her face is carrying an innocent face but not so fast! she seems wild deep inside her! i love her skin tone so much. putih kemerahan. her feature also lovely; those wide eyes and broad smile. she looks like a barbie doll! i love her dressing too, sexy and revealing sometimes.

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

seeing them together make me wish that i have a twin sister. they seem synchronize in fashion yet so different. their vintage taste is stunning. Ashley always comes out with clean look while Mary-Kate adores 'messy' look. i love their make-up; simpe an emphasize a lot on their eyes. they rock!

4. Jennifer Aniston

simple yet gorgeous. usually dress in black with her signature straight-well-blown hair. lovely! period.

5. Angelina Jolie

full if mystery. her acting is undeniable magnificient. her dedication on charity is moveable. who knows a wild child can change into a doting mother! i love her acting, her tattoo, her fierce face expression and her taste in fashion. but i think she is too skiny!

6. Michelle Williams

i don't really well-versed about this actress. but i think she is a strong lady, especially when she went through heath ledger's death. taking care of matilda by herself, looking at her daughter who resemble her late boyfriend a lot, it is a tough call. but she seems doing well. plus, she is pretty, too.

7. Isla Fisher

to the fact she is engaged to sacha baron cohen is explained enough about her character: crazy. who can stand sacha(borat!)? i love her action in definitely.. maybe and wedding crasher. i love reading about her in tabloid. she always look gorgeous. love her hair, her nude makeup, her outfit, everything. the most important thing is, i love her name!

8. Siti Nurhaliza

this is a real perempuan melayu terakhir. pretty and so sopan. he rstyle before was quite 'kampung', but i love her dress! i think she looked great during her concert in royal albert hall. her style after bertudung also nice. talking about her talent, it is undeniably she is.. well.. talented! her performance is never dissapointing. she always give her best. she is not only a singer, but an entertainer and a performer.

9. Lauren Conrad

secretly, i relate myself with her a lot. if the hills shows the true color of her, then i'm like her (or she is like me??) a lot. she doesn't like to make friend, but loyal to all her friends. she care a world to all her friends. she is close to her family. she worked with magazine company before. she loves writing. she loves fashion. she loves clubbing. she loves parties. she love beaches. and all the above are things that i enjoy most!

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