Monday, May 25, 2009

A Month After I Delivered

They are talking, in different language.

Today also is the third day Sayang at home. What a bless. It seems like the time passed by so fast. We had lunch together, as quickly as we can as Maleec was crying in the room. Not that he needs to be change or he is hungry. He just wants to sit on lap and get rocking! Anak manja! Sayang bathed Maleec today, after awhile I've been doing the chores. Maleec wasn't easy today. As if he understand that his mummy wants to 'manja' to his daddy, he tried to come in between. Haha! Always wants our attention. As night came, Sayang off to Fahaheel to buy stock for a month. He bought his rig boots and a new earphone. We had dinner together and later Sayang played with his new toys.

We watched Melodi and ate ice cream before we fell asleep. How I wish this could be our daily routine. How I wish Sayang is always at home. Maleec looked happy today, being hold by his daddy. Anak manja kami.

Btw, I managed to finish watching 'Push'. Rating: 6/10. Above average because 1) nice location; Hong Kong. Usually English movie only shoot in either US or UK. 2) Dakota Fanning is one of the cast. 3) I love any super power movie. As I wish I'm extraordinary human too.

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