Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Journey Will Begin Soon

If you guys realise, I hardly blogging while my hubby is around. Haha! Duty call babe! Apa nak buat. Btw, there are many things going on lately. Here's the recap:

23rd August, 2009

Happy birthday pak ngah. Today is my dearest uncle's birthday. He is like my own dad, just it happen to be he is my mom's brother. He loves me dearly, he cares bout me alot and he knows me well. I wish him many happiness to come and may Allah bless him. And congratulations on the arriving of your new granddaughter! My cousin, Kak Dura, just delivered a beautiful baby girl on the same day as her father's birthday. Though I haven't see her photo or herself personally, I know you are pretty and sweet like all of us, Dinah. Haha!

And my hubby had his worst nightmare. It was so bad till the bad dream did come into mine also. So, we have to start thinking about the next move. This is life!

26th August, 2009

Happy birthday anak sayang. You are 4 months old already today. Your milestones are:

1. Dah pandai meniarap! Mummy sangat suka bila Maleec meniarap. Angkat-angkat kepala macam kura-kura. And widely grin bila nampak mummy. Oh my!

2. At last, you learn how to sleep with meniarap position. Lama la sikit anak mummy tido. And now Maleec tido sorang2 kat hall on your comforter while mummy and daddy doze in the bedroom.

3. Maleec dah start to eat solid food and drinks carrot juice. And I know you love it!

4. Kalau you need attention, you know how to yell and menangis kuat-kuat. Bila mummy/daddy pick you up, terus Maleec senyap. Pandai tu trick mummy. Hish!

5. You really manja with mummy. Apa saja nak mummy around. I love you anak!

Moga anak mummy sihat selalu and handsome dan pandai macam daddy.

27th August, 2009

We went to Marina Mall. Initially nak shopping at Villa Moda's Warehouse. But then, it was close. Sadly, no more high end designer item for me. In Marina Mall, I grabbed a new Nine West red handbag and some singlet from H&M. Lovely. And we bought a handbag for mama and a purse for mak. At night, after berbuka, hubby belanja me two new scarves. Later, we started packing thing to bring back via air. God! My house is in mess!

I really LOVE my life! I'm bless!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rumahku Sungguh Kemas!

What really went wrong? At first, I was the one with stomach ache. Then after I recovered, hubby got it. Alololo, pity him. He couldn't sleep last night because it was too painful. In the morning, he requested for fried rice. Of course he got it. Time flies fast. Around at 4pm, he said his pain was slowly gone. Ha! That's good.

So, we thought of inviting few of our friends to the house. Sukri; the MAK's president, Ayu and family; the family that we met at Al-Kout Mall and Faizal; Juma's colleague who is on loan from Saudi. We decided to serve just KFC as both were still sakit perut.

Before, we went to Fahaheel to check on Maleec's ezcema and hubby to see his practitioner. However, it turned out that hubby got injection at BUNTUT! Ha! Kesian! Later, we headed to KFC and I got my Baskin Robbin while waiting for hubby buying his drugs.

And Ayu is a very punctual person. She arrived at 8 exactly. Hahaha! And she brought us kuah rojak, ikan masin and she made cupcakes! And a lil gift for Maleec! Love for her! Faizal arrived later. Sukri came last, with baby bathtub and baby car seat. Love to them all. They made our day!

But hubby still sakit perut. And now rain is pouring Kuwait land. Good night peeps!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank God It's Saturday!

Why I love yesterday:

1. We went to my favorite mall in Kuwait, The Avenues.

2. We had lunch at TGI Fridays.

3. Maleec was such a good boy. Didn't cry at all. In his happy mood.

4. Hubby bought a wallet and passport handler. At last he bought something for himself after all this while he spent his money for me and Maleec only.

5. We ran into ANIS! OMG! I miss her so much. Plus she hasn't meet Maleec yet. And I miss her family too.

6. I got new pants and tee from Pull & Bear, an eye pencil from VaVaVoom and a WesternDigital Hard Drive

7. Back home, I spend quality time with hubby on bed. OMG! Dah lama tak bersembang-sembang. And as usual, the topic is all about the time we were in school. We love to walk down the memory lane.

Thank you for all the great things happen in my life! I love my life!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Losing Myself

When the ipod plugs in my ear, and my legs move accordingly, I fely uplift. Being on the treadmill is a theraphy and gym is a heaven. How I wish I have more time for that!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I Still Need More Cardigan!

Well, it had been sometimes I didn't blog. Too many things to do, too little time I have. Plus, Maleec is growing up so fast that I don't want to miss a thing on his achievement.

Juma is around. After many days at rigssss.. at last he manages to spare sometimes at home; playing with Maleec and do some cooking. And watch movie together. And go out to shop. Oh my! So many things for me to write. Ok.. talk about hubby first.

Last week he came home from rig. After a long overdue, Maleec got his BCG injection at Fahaheel Hospital. Anak mummy pandai, tak nangis. He weighted 5.88kg now. Then we went to The Avenues, after me merajuk habis-habis. Yelah. Dah lama ok I tak kuar rumah. Giler bosan dk terperap dalam rumah. nad as usual, we had fun. Though I want to buy cardigan badly, but sadly I didn't find any that I loike.

And last two days, we went Mowasat Clinic to check Maleec's rashes. It was ezcema. Before, I managed to grab a cardigan which cost 3kd (rm36) after less. The initial price was 68kd (around rm700). Terer tak?? Hahaha...

And today, Juma cooked nasi goreng, ikan goreng, nasi himpit and kuah kacang. Best giler bangun tido ada suami dan anak tercinta di depan mata. I love them. I love my life!

Thank you for all this, Allah!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction

I want more cardigan!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Antara Cordless Phone dan Almond London Cookies

So much drama happened lately.. but everything seems alright now. Amin!

Anyway, sayang came back from rig for 3 days and we had a blast. He came back quite late, say at 10pm. Actually he was at town already, only to learn that he has to go to another rig to pick up tool. His boss promised him that its gonna be for 3-4 hours, ending up for far more than that. Me?! FRUSTRATED! DEVASTATED! When he reached home, Maleec was surprised to see his dad. He didn't say anything, nor crying. He just stared at his daddy without a blink. Comei sangat! And I'm happy.. till now!

The next day, after sayang came back from the office, we went to Fahaheel. First, we stopped at Centrepoint. Maleec got his toys, mummy got 2 necklaces and wan got a new handbag. Red in color! Then we went to Alghanim for cordless phone. Later, we hit Al Manshar for Chili's. Maleec fell asleep for awhile, thus we managed to chat while eating. Heaven! The last stop was Al-Kout for groceries before we headed back to our pad.

Back home, I was busy at the kitchen when sayang bugged me with his latest gadget. He was so excited with his phone that he immedietly attend his gadget. You can't imagine how excited he is? If you are a girl, imagine that you just bought a new handbag/shoes. Imagine that we are posing in front of the mirror and grinning to ourselves, secretly tell us that we are pretty and our handbag/shoes is the prettiest on earth. Ha! That's how sayang's excitement. I knew he was testing his phone. Then he came to the kitchn for my help to listen to the speaker, whether it was loud enough for my ear. I was asking him to do a simple thing; call my hp using the phone, and you just make sound at the hp and listen at the speaker whether it is loud enough. To my suprise, and the truth is I wasn't understand at first, why he was running with my hp, all the way to our bedroom and try to hide in the cupboard, and left the phone in the kitchen? Till now, I don't have the asnwer. But it was hilarious looking at sayang and his energy when he got his new gadget. The energy is the total opposite with when I ask him to help me with house chores. Hahaha! His expression at that time: priceless!

And yesterday, after an argument and a few minutes waste with merajuk and pujuk, we stayed in. Sayang cooked a delicious Mee Bandung. Then we make our very own Almond London Cookies. Regret that we didn't go out? Absolutely NO!

I love you and can't wait to have you back home!

Tha Tha!