Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Passport's Picture

His rashes that's growing. Must be because of the weather as summer is approaching.

Our day starts quite early. Semalam Maleec slept with me on my bed. Last night was the first night I breast-fed him while berbaring. I was so tired holding him all day long. But Maleec was still hungry and insisted for more milk. If not, tanak tido! Sayang did message late night. Today I finish watching ‘Luna Fantasiku’. Oklah. Citer remaja. Though I’m not a teenager anymore, I still enjoy watching teenage movie/series/drama. I woke up early to feed him, then to call up Sayang. He reminded me to bring Maleec’s photo to develop since the old ones rejected. Since Maleec tido, I ran quickly to the shop in front of my house and fetched it back an hour later. Cuak jugak tinggal Maleec sorang-sorang at home. But do I have any other choice? Panggil Sayang kat rig that's near to Iraq, to come back? Yer la tuh! Then, I called embassy and liaised with a person named George. After emailing the picture to him, he called and said the picture is good enough for passport. Great! As for food, I cooked masak lemak cili api ikan and ikan masin. I fried keropok yang mak kirimkan pun, along with nugget and French fries. I miss Sayang. I know he misses me too. I just don’t want to do anything, nak reserve buat with him. Huhu!

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