Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ayah Yang Kurindui

Ssshhh!! He is sleeping! Let mummy be in peace for a while :p

Alhamdullillah he slept well last night. Today I’m more productive than yesterday. I update my blog with pictures. I call Mama after I read her disturbing email. Ayah, who is just discharge from the hospital, is not feeling well. He can’t sleep, doesn’t want to eat and talking nonsense at night. Mama went back home from kampong at 5am today! I’m scared, scared of thing that I don’t even want to mention. I love Ayah so much. While breastfeeding Maleec, all the things Ayah did for me, flash back in my eyes. I saw him fetching me back from tadika, I saw him came back from meeting and brought back kacang kuda rebus, my favorite pea, I saw him carrying perut and limpa from pasar, to rebus as I came back to kampong, I saw Ayah woke me up for me to eat my favorite nasi lemak. I hope deep inside Ayah knows that I sayang him tak terhingga. Mama kata, ‘jangan risau’. Sayang tanya, ‘you nak balik Malaysia ke?’ I don’t know what to say, don’t know what to do. Tolong doakan Ayah cepat sembuh. Ayah! Be strong. Along sayang Ayah! Maleec is doing fine. Just that he is too attached with me. He doesn’t want to sleep on his crib, as he wants to be on my bed. Naughty boy. Sayang told me he will be back in 2 days time. He also told me his bonus is been cut 20%. Allah really tests us lately. Insya Allah, we will get through this storm. Now, I need to sleep.

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