Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mangaf in My Heart

I'm gonna miss this place. When hubby was at rig and Maleec wasn't in me yet, this town kept me company. Strolling down the places where I called home once, I was content. With Ipod plugged in my ears, I roamed the shops, shop by shop. 100 fiils shops which located underground, where I found happiness purchasing small stuffs with small amount of money. Stop by at shwarma shop, bought shwarma and bibsi (pepsi) to eat while watching tv. Before heading back home, stop by at sewing materials shop, to indulge myself with colourful beads and beautiful laces. At those will remain as memory, very soon.

I'm gonna miss this town. I'm gonna miss Mangaf. Thank you for the memories.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Juma and His Jeans

Mama cakap nak a jubah. But nak yang mahal punya! Adoi! And hubby cakap nak beli jubah for his 2 best friends yang baru kawin. Ok, so we went to Fahaheel Bazaar to do the last shopping sebelum balik Msia. I got a new tudung, and Maleec a new jubah. Hubby bought himself a pair of jeans and a cap. I never heard the brand before, but after he Googled, he found out that the brand is quite famous. And the jeans tu memang cantik. Dier kata esok nak pegi lagi. Nak angkat satu lagi. Suka hati la labu. I'm happy that he shopped things for himself once in awhile.

After habis round satu bazaar, we went to Al-Kout. I got a concealer to conceal all the scar that shouldn't be seen. Wakaka.. After had an ice cream, we headed to Sultan Center. Suami tersayang nak mem'blonde'kan rambutnya. Saya menurut sahaja. Balik rumah, terus sambung packing. Mampossss berat luggage. Tu pun kami amik tiket 'child' for Maleec instead of 'infant'.

Ok, nak buat confession. I really need to brush up my cooking skill. After I added Ayu, my Msia friend in Kuwait, I found out yang dia memang terer masak. And teh way she describes her cooking, dengar macam senang je. Adoi! Kena rajinkan diri lagi ke dapur! Gosh!

Ok peeps! See you guys in Malaysia!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where Are You?

Oh my! I manage to fast though I'm breastfeeding Maleec! Yay! I thought it will be a tough one, but alhamdullillah, it was doable. If you have high determination, sure enough your whole body will works towards it.

Talking about my son, as I mention earlier, he is flipping already. But yesterday morning, anak sayang mummy was seen 'crawling' from his comforter to the carpet. I heard he was crying and rushed from my bedroom to the hall, where he slept, only to find out MAleec was already on the carpet! How cheeky is he! HA! Lepas ni memang tak boleh lepas pandang lagi.

And today, early in the morning, he woke up to play with us. Sorry anak! Mummy and daddy were too sleepy to entertain you. Hahaha!

On the other note, our house is still in mess. Hubby decided to get beck to Malaysia this Wednesday. I'm cool with that. However, our parents seem unhappy with the news that we are going back for good. Only God knows how tough is this matter to us. But I believe, when the goings get tough, the tough gets going. Right?

I'm start collecting recipe and menu for our upcoming restaurat. Kind of excited! Wish us luck!