Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31st Dec, 2008... Goodbye 2008! Welcome 2009!

Me at my house

Today is the last day of 2008. The digit of year will be change tomorrow. But what is new about it? Everyday digits change. It shows that time is moving forward. However, are we moving forward, too, along with time? I hope so.

Many things I achieved this year.

1) I quit my job as a structural engineer.
2) I leave my parents and family in Malaysia and follow Juma to Kuwait.
3) Although we got married last year, this is the first year we live as husband and wife. Taking care of our house together. Try to live our life.
4) I wasn't working for almost 8 months, the longest record in my life so far.
5) I got pregnant.
6) We celebrate our first anniversary.
7) I sew my own clothes and they are wear-able.
8) My dream to see Burj of Arab came true, when we transited from Malaysia to Kuwait at Dubai.
9) I visited my brother in Bandung, Indonesia.
10) I got addicted with vintage items.

That's what I can think about it for now. I have new year resolutions too, like everyone else.

1) I want to be a better wife, daughter and society.
2) I want to give my very best to my baby.
3) Pray 5 times a day.
4) Try more recipe.
5) Lessen my shopping, keep some money.
6) Call my mum and brothers more frequent.
7) Talk less nonsense.
8) Read more history and geography.

And that's what I can think about it for now. To everybody, Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My mummy! My sunshine!

I'm tired! I'm so tired today. Not much work in the office today. But the new girl (not so new, has been working with me for almost 2 months) really screwed my mood. She shares the same scope of work with me. To Nikita, she is like my assistant, helping me to make the work smoother. But she is not making things better, but it becomes worse. Whatever!

I came home quite early and started preparing my dinner when I realised it had been almost a week I didn't call Mama. She went to Bandung/Jakarta for her yearly trip and I don't know how long is he r vacation. But I know she definitely enjoyed her trip overthere with uncle along.

So, I rang her and found out that she is in Cameron Highland with uncle and my brothers! Huhu! How jealous am I! She sounded great! Talked to Fareez. I miss him so much!!

And now, I'm glued on my bed, watching Friend Season 6. Care to join?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spa Q

Juma is not around, as usual. He left to the rig at late afternoon after almost a week at home. What a pleasure to have him at home and what a lost not to have him at home. And today was quite hectic in the office. Too many RFQs to close and many too came in to be send out. Tired!!! And Nikita left to India/S'pore/Thailand tonight.

Lazing at home, I watched last weekend's Medodi and Nona. Then my eyes came across the Akasia's now showing series; SpaQ 2. It reminded me of my days when I was still in KL. After work, I rushed back home to watch Spa Q. Sometimes my sister-in-law joined in my room, watching while eating junk food.

And now, me watching all over alone... far away from M'sia, but still on the bed. Hehe...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Plain semi-silk

You want to make baju kurung? Or you prefer the non-embroided silk. We have a range of colors of plain semi silk for you.

It come in the package of 3 in 1. Meaning, you get kain and baju (all together is 4 meters) and selendang in a price.

All this for only rm80! So, what are you waiting for?

Lace kebaya from bandung

What should I wear to my best friend's wedding? Silk baju kurung? Organza gown? How about lacey kebaya??

Here I am with heavy beaded net lace kebaya offering you at a veryyyyyyy low price!

This is the whole set of beaded kebaya

The detail of baju kebaya

The detail at the hand of baju kebaya

The view from the back of the baju kebaya

The detail of kain kebaya

And guess what,you may choose any color that you like! Name it and I have it for you! All this is at RM250 only. Grab it ladies!

Price of kebaya sulam

1. Embroidery

a) Sulam biasa (Normal Embroidery) - rm40
b) Sulam timbul - rm60
c) Sulam super (Super Embroidery)- rm80

2. Kain kebaya+selendang

a) Sutera timbul - rm120
b) Sutera biasa (silk) - rm110

3. Baju kebaya (usually 1.6m)

a) Sutera thai (Thai silk) - rm20 per meter
b) Cotton - rm25 per meter

4. 3 in 1 package (baju kebaya+kain kebaya+selendang)

a) Semi sutera 3 in 1 (Semi silk 3 in 1)- rm80
b) Sutera timbul 3 in 1 - rm170

Thus, you just add all the choices you want.

Example 1: sulam biasa+kain kebaya and selendang from sutera+baju kebaya from cotton
= rm 40+ rm110 + (rm 25x1.6)
= rm 190

Example 2: sulam timbul+Semi sutera 3 in 1
= rm 60+ rm 80
= rm 140

Enjoy shopping!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kebaya Sulam dari bandung

Halo everyone! Let me share something that I fond of since I was small. I'm a big fan of kebaya! Am I coming out from closet? Haha. Anyways, when I was a little girl, I love to watch my mother in her kebaya. She never put me in kebaya because it is meant for adult (as what she said) and because I was shapeless at that moment. But well, hey, kebaya looks good on everyone, no matter what shape is your body. For those who don't know what is kebaya, it is a traditional blouse worn by women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, sometimes made from sheer material and usually worn with a sarong, batik, or other traditional knitted garment such as a songket with a colorful motif.

Embroided kebaya (kebaya sulam) is one of a kind of kebaya. The embroidery made by machine or hand made (jahit tangan). It is so famous in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Nevertheless, it is quite pricey.

Here, I would like to introduce embroided kebaya come from Bandung, a famous place for textile. And it comes in three different kind of embroidery.

Sulam super
- the embroidery lies from up till down of the baju kebaya

2) Sulam timbul
- the embroidery lies on higher level than the fabric
- it enhances the floating look of the embroidery if you see it from far

3) Sulam biasa
- the embroidery lies on the same level of the fabric

And the fabric of the kebaya also comes in different kind.

1) sutera thai (thai silk)
2) sutera biasa (silk)
3) semi sutera (semi-silk)
4) sutera timbul
5) cotton