Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Pursuit of Happyness

I read in my favorite blog about listing 6 things that make me happy. So, here is my list:

1. Be around my family and friends - my mom and I love to shop, anywhere; from to the market to the boutique. I love her sense of fashion and I inspire a lot from her. When I was in primary school, I always followed her to the mall right after school. In the school uniform, the smelly me patiently waited for her in from of the fitting room, while she tried as many clothes as she liked. I love to help her around the kitchen too. Listening to her stories about her daily routine, gossiping around. I miss those moments. I enjoy being with my siblings too, either watching movie or just lazying at home. Hanging out with my friends always make up my day. Doesn't matter what we are doing, but just having them around will make me smile widely.

2. Trying new clothes, shoes and accessories - I'm a girlish girl. I love clothes, vintage, designer or just a simple sleepwear. The smell of new clothes is like small kid licks ice cream, yummy! So does shoes and accessories. Right now, I do my own necklaces and bracelets since I have so much time at home. And I sew my clothes, with the help of my sewing machine.

3. Discovering - I mean places here. No matter it is in new country or in my hometown, I just love to discover new place. When I visited my then boyfriend, I was jumping happily in the car when we came across Rodeo Drive. Despite the weather is hot here in Kuwait, I can't help from walking along the streets in Fahaheel where they sell cheap fabrics such as cotton and crepe.

4. On the swing - I can stay on swing for hours, with my iPod. Maybe my body is on the swing, but my mind, only God knows where it is.

5. On the chair - With my laptop, wireless connection, a mug of hot tea and muffin, I can sit on my chairs, reading ppl's blogs, interesting stories, browsing the fashion, helping myself with celebrities gossip.. oh God! It's heaven!

6. Juma - the presence of him just make me happy. Whatever he does; he and his x-box or watching tv or eating or on the net, anything! Sometimes we didn't talk, but the fact that he is near to me just make me happy!

What about you? What are the things that can bright up your day?

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