Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fabric Day

This is my second time writing the post for today. The first one was gone, as I can’t publish it. Whatever.

As today, it can be concluded as an active day since I reached Kuwait. I started my day with chatting with Nik. He ordered some fabric from me to sell for Eid Fitr, like I stated in yest’s blog. And today was all about closing the deal. We discussed on the quantity, the courier, the types of fabric and the colors.

Juma was bugging me a lot too, today, since he was getting bored at the rig. In the end, I had my lunch late, say at 2-ish p.m. later, I entertained my own project, making a new top. Yest I bought a piece of stripe silk. I’ve been eyeing that one since last month. I love the texture and color of it, but I have no idea what am I going to do with it.

I went to my favorite shop in town, the sewing material shop, after I bought the silks and crepes for Nik. I don’t know what to get at the shop but I have no worries. I know I’m going to get something there. And I successfully managed some money at that shop. I bought an iron-on for my skirt, a glass ring, zip for the top and some big safety pins (I don’t know when am I going to use them).
I didn’t stop there. I went to underground shop to indulge myself more. There was where I found cute hair clips and a belt.

And now, I’m sitting in from of television watching Little Manhattan with fried chicken, French fries and ice tea. Heaven!

p/s: I always want to stay in L.A or New York. That’s my dream..huhu

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