Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Crab Oh Crab

It had been awhile I didn't post. I have no reason to take a break. No other reason, just that I was lazy. Lazying doing nothing.

Btw, I really had fun yesterday. In the morning, I chatted with my cousin, Suraya. She told me just got back from my grandparents'. Imie, Suraya, Shila, Shifa and their parents took the opportunity of school holiday to visit my grandparents. So did pak ngah and family. I bet my grandmother must be damn happy. She is a very emotional type (just like me!) and loves to be surrounded by her grandchildren. On the other hand, my granfather is very practical. He is easy going person who is easy to please. I miss my family so much.

Anyway, Juma came back from work earlier than usual (surprised me though!). He was grambling about not going to the rig yet for this month. I love to keep him at home, but I understand he needs to get to the rig in order to fulfill my shopping desire. Haha. since he was early at home and it was Monday (movie ticket is half price on Monday, but still expensive compared to Malaysia), we went to Al-Kout to catch the Incredible Hulk. It was okay, not so great, not so bad. But I love Liv Tyler, so anything with Liv will be okay for me.
Later, after the movie, we went to the wet market. At first, we thought of making chicken curry for dinner. But we changed our mind when the crab was quite cheap yesterday. We bought 1kg of crab for KD1. Although other stalls sold at 750 fiils, but to me, KD1 is cheap enough. And it was my first experience to clean up the crab. Juma did the cleaning, but I knew already how to do it! I learned something yesterday! Great!
At home, we had masak lemak cili padi ketam. It was fabulous, even though the chilli wasn't hot enough. I can say that we had a great dinner.
Thanks sayang, again, for everything!

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