Saturday, July 26, 2008


I was frying my dinner (chicken wings) when I just realize I was running out of gas. And seeing my chicken wings drowning in the warm oil made me laugh. Anyways, Hassan; the supervisor for my building, came as fast as he could and save my chicken wings.

I had quite a dry day today. I went to my favorite fabric shop near to my house. Nik requests for pics of the fabric. Actually we are trying to buy few patterns and type to sell for Eid Fitr. However, the sad news is the owner turned down my request to snap few pics. I was so sad and frustrated. Juma told me earlier that he might turn me down. But I told him I’m positive about it.

To cheer me up, I went to my other favorite shop for window shopping’. Looking at new things and smell the new clothes just turn my mood on. Hehe. I tried few flat shoes and really thought of purchasing that, but my guts told m that Juma might be angry at my extensive expenditure.

But my eyes caught nice fishnet socks. There were quite many choices with different color. As this was my first fishnet, I bought in two safe/common color; black and white. I love the white one.Wearing it with my Oxford shoes give me the vibe as a student, again. But the black one was not like what I expected. I thought it will be higher, sat in the middle between my ankle and knee. unfortunately, it was slightly above my ankle. However, I'm still happy! Can’t wait to wear it!

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