Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cotton Mouth

Today is quite quiet for me. Juma left to the rig early in the morning. I did nothing, just browsing blogs (vintage lover blogs), called up Ainul (she told me she is getting married next Aug) and did some sewing work.

Lately my obsession towards cotton grows stonger and stonger. I have yet study enough about cotton. I don't really know the different name of cotton, except for Egyptian cotton. But I know the different from the way it felt when you touch it.
I remember way back when I was small, my mom loved to make my baju kurung using cotton for to go to mengaji Al-Quran. Maybe because it is comfortable for kids to wear cotton as it absorb sweat. Or maybe because it is easy to handle (easy to wash and no need to press). Anyhow, I jut love to wear cotton, any where and in any weather.

I love the texture f it, not too hard as some organza but not too soft like silk. It is just nice. And I noticed vintage clothes especially the floral dress and high waisted skirt made from cotton. Thus, I bought few at the shop near my area (Mangaf and Fahaheel) whenever I caught nice design in the blogs.

And here is some of my collection. Ainul said it is chantek. I agree!

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