Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hookah and Stories

A night before last night was a blast for both of us. I know it is quite late to celebrate Juma's birthday, but we haven't has the official ones, yet. So we planned to celebrate at Applebee's. I love the environment over there so much that make me keep on want to go there. I love to be surrounded by colorful frame with old pictures, in different sizes. I always dream my own house's walls will be cover with all the pictures of me, Juma, my kids, my family and friends.

Well, since I have new sewing machine and few pieces of fabrics, I determined to sew a nice short dress to match up with a panty-hose. Thus, around 2-ish pm, I started cutting and sewing, and only be interrupted by Anies. She and her problem. As to me, it is such a small, tiny problem. But hearing she was sad at that moment, kind of tearing me down. She never escape from her drama. Something like in The Hills, only that it is Anies's version. However, I managed to complete the dress, just in time.

After we dined at Applebee's, we headed home, only to realized it was quite early to be home. So we went to the local cafe, and had hookah. It was so cheap!!! As cheap as KD0.50 (USD1.70 or RM6.50). We had it in apple flavor. It had been awhile after my lash hookah-ing, say a year ago.

Juma and I stayed there for almost 3 hours, talking about nothing, but people around us. I told her about Anies her and her stuffs, which lead us to talk about the drama in our respective family. After a while, I realized, somehow or rather, I had grew up. The way I see those problems are in different perspective compare to few years ago. Things that before I always make it such a big deal, now to me it is just nothing. I'm glad!

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