Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maleec dan Adult's Pinggan

Today is not that hectic. Kind of normal for me and Maleec. Hidung dia still berhingus. Suami tercinta still in Brunei and i'm still juggling between my work and layan my prince.

And today I had homemade bihun soup. Last night Mama did for her and uncle. Nampka sedap and senang. So I made one for myself today. With a little bit of tulang ayam and prawns. Yummy!

As Maleec getting bigger, he hardly want to eat. i don't think it's because of the food. I memamg masak sedap punya! Hehe.. Must be because he is getting bigger and naughtier. So, instead of putting on his plate, I put on our bowl. And walla! he took the bait! Nak makan pinggan orang besar rupanya. Minum air pun kena ada trick. I drink a bit from his bottle and give it to him. Ha! kalau sebelum ni punyalah berpaling muka kalau dibagi air. Ni minum macam dah 10 tahun tak jumpa air. Wakaka.. Okalah. i want to browse the net. Bye people!

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