Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Decision... decision...

There is no ending in work!!! I thought I prepared well for today, nevertheless, still, my works are piling up. Penat ok! With Maleec, kerja 10 mins, jadi 10 jam. Nak didukung je!

Suami tersayang still has doubt on his job offer. He hates Brunei to his guts, but the money is good. Offer from Accenture is tempting. Working in high-class office, wearing high-end designer clothes, mixing with high- educated people, memang la best. Hiwever, the money is not as good as kerja kat rig yang panas, busuk, and now, di tengah-tengah laut!!! Gila lah! Kawan ngan jaws la nanti.

Then, he said his superitendant cakap his qualification is not up to what they want... What the F? Ni hangin satu badan ni?! Tak tengok resume dulu ke before hiring? What the bullshit?? Whatever, he knows best which to choose and I'm right behind him.

Maleec pun satu, hari ni. As usual, he woke me up very early in teh morning (read as: 8 am). After that, he was at not other place than on his mummy. Nak masuk dalam perut balik, besar sangat. Dah la tu, when I had my lunch, dia pun sebok nak makan jugak. In the ennd, I had to suap his porridge using hand (as if macam I makan nasi) and I can't finish my rice. Huh! Anak sayang ni! Betul-betul la Mummy nak kena find my inner peace!

Oklah, nak lepak! Daaa!

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