Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kak Dura

So many recap I have to do. Ok, we start from last Friday. It was Maulidur Rasul, thus it was a public holiday in Msia. But since I'm working with UAE company, Friday is their weekend. However, on that day, my favorite cousin would be back to kampung. So I planned few days earlier to go back and see my latest niece, Dinah, and of course her mother, Kak Dura.

Who is Kak Dura?

She is Pak Ngah's second daughter and the closest with me. My teenage life mostly been influenced by her. I want to dress up like her, act like her, talk like her. Haha. Funny yeah! Until today still, I look up on her. She is independent, open minded, helpful (trust me!) and of course, love reading so much! She is a bookworm, I'm a bookworm... wakakaka.. She used to ask me to put on lipstick when I was 16. 'Put some color on your face.' Always let me experiment with all the beauty products she has. The funniest thing is I cried till I can't open my eyes on the day she got married. And it last till 2 days later. I was so sad that Abang Daniel took her away and brought her back to Switzerland. Till then, we have nothing inj common... till the arrival of Maleec! We are mummies now! Yay!

And last weekend was a blast! Meeting my beloved cousin... at last!

Unfortunaltely on Sunday afternoon, Maleec got high fever. It reached till 38 degrees which alarm me that this is no joke. Went to the clinic for check-up and taking the opportunity, we weighted him. He is 10.6 kg by now 10 months.

At night, his sleep was not as smooth as before. It was quite scary to hear him having difficulty breathing. Kesian anak sayang! At 4am, I woke Mama up cos he seemed very ill. Alhamdullillah, after he took his medicine, he soundly slept.

Today, he is getting better. But still, he has no voice! Tapi anak sayang macam enjoy his husky voice je! Dah la bangun tidur, berak atas tilam mummy. At night, MAma was so tired to cook. So we ended up having dinner at Pizza Hut's.

Tomorrow, daddy handsome nak balik! Yay!

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