Sunday, April 18, 2010

Accenture Got Juma!

Kenapa la I'm so lazy to update my blog? Fatin! It is important for you to update your blog! That's like your diary! OK! Better buckle up and be more discipline!

Hubby is back to KL last week. And last Thursday (15/4/2010), he started his duty in Accenture. A lot of fun hearing his first day experience. Meeting new people, and old friend, new culture and lots of things open our eyes on other thing in this world. this is totally a new environment to him. Kena pakai handsome2, talk properly and have to take care of those etiquette.

Me in other hand, is still samo samo. In my mom's as it had been no rain for almost two weeks, I can't stand teh heat anymore. thus, I went with anak and adik to purchase an A/C. And siaplah A/C dipasang. But berbunyi la pulak! Haishhh!

Maleec pulak dah semakin besar. Mulut tu memang taktau diam.. Nak cakap je! NAd memang laju naik tangga. If before naik dengan lutut, now dah naik panjat sendiri. Siap boleh pegang railing lagi. Plus he is pandai already getting down by himself. Kelakar tengok. Kalau sampai dekat tengah tu, like achieve his milestone, he will clap his hand.

Nad pantang kalau dengar lagu apa-apa, mest nak goyang badan and clamp his hand. Kadang-kadang I heard he is singing. Tah la lagu apa. And suka Allahuakbar. He will angkat tangan as if tengah takbir and say 'Awwwhh'. Sometimes tangan tu hingga ke belakang telinga. Also suka cakap telefon. Kalau I say Halo, he will quickly put the phone to his ear.

Oh ya! Not forgetting to say, WE HAVE OUR OWN LAND OLEDI! Hubby bought a piece of land dekat Cheras for us to build our house. Excited! rm156 k for 6,000 sq.ft. So I'm officially busy getting our house ready! Yay!

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