Friday, August 14, 2009

I Still Need More Cardigan!

Well, it had been sometimes I didn't blog. Too many things to do, too little time I have. Plus, Maleec is growing up so fast that I don't want to miss a thing on his achievement.

Juma is around. After many days at rigssss.. at last he manages to spare sometimes at home; playing with Maleec and do some cooking. And watch movie together. And go out to shop. Oh my! So many things for me to write. Ok.. talk about hubby first.

Last week he came home from rig. After a long overdue, Maleec got his BCG injection at Fahaheel Hospital. Anak mummy pandai, tak nangis. He weighted 5.88kg now. Then we went to The Avenues, after me merajuk habis-habis. Yelah. Dah lama ok I tak kuar rumah. Giler bosan dk terperap dalam rumah. nad as usual, we had fun. Though I want to buy cardigan badly, but sadly I didn't find any that I loike.

And last two days, we went Mowasat Clinic to check Maleec's rashes. It was ezcema. Before, I managed to grab a cardigan which cost 3kd (rm36) after less. The initial price was 68kd (around rm700). Terer tak?? Hahaha...

And today, Juma cooked nasi goreng, ikan goreng, nasi himpit and kuah kacang. Best giler bangun tido ada suami dan anak tercinta di depan mata. I love them. I love my life!

Thank you for all this, Allah!


Anonymous said...

heaven kan bile hubby masak! haha my hubby did skrg amek alih tugas masak mknn amir PERMANENTLY!! haha

fatin azzumar said...

omg ieta! tak penah lagi ada org post comment for me.. tu yang bengong lambat notice.. wakaka.. juma loves cooking. initially he is the main cook in the house. but maleec's fod, i lah yang nk kena buat.. haha.. now tak susah lg.. setakat bancuh ngan air suam je.. kikiki