Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Journey Will Begin Soon

If you guys realise, I hardly blogging while my hubby is around. Haha! Duty call babe! Apa nak buat. Btw, there are many things going on lately. Here's the recap:

23rd August, 2009

Happy birthday pak ngah. Today is my dearest uncle's birthday. He is like my own dad, just it happen to be he is my mom's brother. He loves me dearly, he cares bout me alot and he knows me well. I wish him many happiness to come and may Allah bless him. And congratulations on the arriving of your new granddaughter! My cousin, Kak Dura, just delivered a beautiful baby girl on the same day as her father's birthday. Though I haven't see her photo or herself personally, I know you are pretty and sweet like all of us, Dinah. Haha!

And my hubby had his worst nightmare. It was so bad till the bad dream did come into mine also. So, we have to start thinking about the next move. This is life!

26th August, 2009

Happy birthday anak sayang. You are 4 months old already today. Your milestones are:

1. Dah pandai meniarap! Mummy sangat suka bila Maleec meniarap. Angkat-angkat kepala macam kura-kura. And widely grin bila nampak mummy. Oh my!

2. At last, you learn how to sleep with meniarap position. Lama la sikit anak mummy tido. And now Maleec tido sorang2 kat hall on your comforter while mummy and daddy doze in the bedroom.

3. Maleec dah start to eat solid food and drinks carrot juice. And I know you love it!

4. Kalau you need attention, you know how to yell and menangis kuat-kuat. Bila mummy/daddy pick you up, terus Maleec senyap. Pandai tu trick mummy. Hish!

5. You really manja with mummy. Apa saja nak mummy around. I love you anak!

Moga anak mummy sihat selalu and handsome dan pandai macam daddy.

27th August, 2009

We went to Marina Mall. Initially nak shopping at Villa Moda's Warehouse. But then, it was close. Sadly, no more high end designer item for me. In Marina Mall, I grabbed a new Nine West red handbag and some singlet from H&M. Lovely. And we bought a handbag for mama and a purse for mak. At night, after berbuka, hubby belanja me two new scarves. Later, we started packing thing to bring back via air. God! My house is in mess!

I really LOVE my life! I'm bless!

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