Saturday, August 1, 2009

Antara Cordless Phone dan Almond London Cookies

So much drama happened lately.. but everything seems alright now. Amin!

Anyway, sayang came back from rig for 3 days and we had a blast. He came back quite late, say at 10pm. Actually he was at town already, only to learn that he has to go to another rig to pick up tool. His boss promised him that its gonna be for 3-4 hours, ending up for far more than that. Me?! FRUSTRATED! DEVASTATED! When he reached home, Maleec was surprised to see his dad. He didn't say anything, nor crying. He just stared at his daddy without a blink. Comei sangat! And I'm happy.. till now!

The next day, after sayang came back from the office, we went to Fahaheel. First, we stopped at Centrepoint. Maleec got his toys, mummy got 2 necklaces and wan got a new handbag. Red in color! Then we went to Alghanim for cordless phone. Later, we hit Al Manshar for Chili's. Maleec fell asleep for awhile, thus we managed to chat while eating. Heaven! The last stop was Al-Kout for groceries before we headed back to our pad.

Back home, I was busy at the kitchen when sayang bugged me with his latest gadget. He was so excited with his phone that he immedietly attend his gadget. You can't imagine how excited he is? If you are a girl, imagine that you just bought a new handbag/shoes. Imagine that we are posing in front of the mirror and grinning to ourselves, secretly tell us that we are pretty and our handbag/shoes is the prettiest on earth. Ha! That's how sayang's excitement. I knew he was testing his phone. Then he came to the kitchn for my help to listen to the speaker, whether it was loud enough for my ear. I was asking him to do a simple thing; call my hp using the phone, and you just make sound at the hp and listen at the speaker whether it is loud enough. To my suprise, and the truth is I wasn't understand at first, why he was running with my hp, all the way to our bedroom and try to hide in the cupboard, and left the phone in the kitchen? Till now, I don't have the asnwer. But it was hilarious looking at sayang and his energy when he got his new gadget. The energy is the total opposite with when I ask him to help me with house chores. Hahaha! His expression at that time: priceless!

And yesterday, after an argument and a few minutes waste with merajuk and pujuk, we stayed in. Sayang cooked a delicious Mee Bandung. Then we make our very own Almond London Cookies. Regret that we didn't go out? Absolutely NO!

I love you and can't wait to have you back home!

Tha Tha!

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