Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31st Dec, 2008... Goodbye 2008! Welcome 2009!

Me at my house

Today is the last day of 2008. The digit of year will be change tomorrow. But what is new about it? Everyday digits change. It shows that time is moving forward. However, are we moving forward, too, along with time? I hope so.

Many things I achieved this year.

1) I quit my job as a structural engineer.
2) I leave my parents and family in Malaysia and follow Juma to Kuwait.
3) Although we got married last year, this is the first year we live as husband and wife. Taking care of our house together. Try to live our life.
4) I wasn't working for almost 8 months, the longest record in my life so far.
5) I got pregnant.
6) We celebrate our first anniversary.
7) I sew my own clothes and they are wear-able.
8) My dream to see Burj of Arab came true, when we transited from Malaysia to Kuwait at Dubai.
9) I visited my brother in Bandung, Indonesia.
10) I got addicted with vintage items.

That's what I can think about it for now. I have new year resolutions too, like everyone else.

1) I want to be a better wife, daughter and society.
2) I want to give my very best to my baby.
3) Pray 5 times a day.
4) Try more recipe.
5) Lessen my shopping, keep some money.
6) Call my mum and brothers more frequent.
7) Talk less nonsense.
8) Read more history and geography.

And that's what I can think about it for now. To everybody, Happy New Year!

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