Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spa Q

Juma is not around, as usual. He left to the rig at late afternoon after almost a week at home. What a pleasure to have him at home and what a lost not to have him at home. And today was quite hectic in the office. Too many RFQs to close and many too came in to be send out. Tired!!! And Nikita left to India/S'pore/Thailand tonight.

Lazing at home, I watched last weekend's Medodi and Nona. Then my eyes came across the Akasia's now showing series; SpaQ 2. It reminded me of my days when I was still in KL. After work, I rushed back home to watch Spa Q. Sometimes my sister-in-law joined in my room, watching while eating junk food.

And now, me watching all over alone... far away from M'sia, but still on the bed. Hehe...

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