Friday, February 5, 2010

At Last, I HAve Opportunity To Update My Blog!

It's been soooooooo long I didn't update my blog. After we got back from Kuwait, my life is so unsettle. Not that I don't have time, just that the limitation on accessing internet. Right now, I;m back at my mom's. Sayang sent me and Maleec here last week. And he is safely back to KL. I'm back to my mom's as I started working already. I started on the 2nd of Feb. Back with Nikita & co. Hahaha... suppose to be my helper to look after Maleec arrive already.. but sadly no. Luckily my family is so helpful. Mama understand my situation very well.

Ayin is around for a week for his semester break. Sadly, he will be back tomorrow. Fareez is at home sebab demam. Last Friday, late at night, me n Ayin drove to his school to pick him up. Maleec cried heartedly in the car. Hish!

And yesterday we went back to kampung. Great to see mak. Miss her so much. Anis dah besar. Dah pandai melawa. Cakap pun dah ada pelat orang Kay El. Hahaha...

And last 2 days was my birthday. Getting older and hopefully wiser. We celebrated at Radix Oriental in advance since sayang has to go back o KL on the next day. DAh la tu, he was demam on the day dia balik KL.

Maleec pulak tengah dok try nak berdiri. Last 2 days dia manage panjat tangga. Mama bought him a walker. Mula-mula dok jalan ke belakang. Then the next day tu dah pandai ke depan. Now laju gagah berani meluncur. Wakakaka... Lepas tu, pantang nampak Boo, mesti nak pok Boo. Hahaha.. Nanti I paste the picture.. Till then.. daa!

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