Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Much Awaited Day

Yesterday Juma was home from morning till the next morning. It was good, seeing him again. Although I was quite sleepy to awake, by the power of missing him made me fully awake. Hehe. Poyo je. After two weeks I didn’t see him, it was a bless to see my husband again.

We had a good breakfast. I made my favorite fried noodles. But the one that made me really happy was when he told me to get ready to go out. It had been awhile I’ve been staying at home. And it had been awhile I didn’t shop for at shopping mall. If before, way back in Malaysia, it could say that I hit shopping mall every another day. My weekend wouldn’t be complete w/o a visit to at least a mall.
As I was getting ready, he received a call from his boss saying that he needs to be at the rig at 6pm. It was 12 noon already. It means I have 5 hours to shop before we head home. I hate to a rushing shopping. I think everybody hates it. My mind can’t focus well as I will keep on thinking about the ticking clock. I really want to buy few things that I have in mind. And now, I don’t know whether my mission will be accomplish.

To the mall, I wore the tunic that I made by myself, the sock I bought at the underground shop and a sheer make-up.

We went to Marina Mall and I can felt my spirit just get back into my body. It was good! Surrounded my beautiful stuffs that beg ppl to purchase, I was happy. And again, I ended up shopping at H&M for 2 tops. And Juma was in good spirit too, and bought me a new handbag. What a day!

At night, we cuddled under blanket and watch dvd of WANTED. Complete. My day is just complete. And Juma left to the rig in the morning, after he was done with instant noodles. Another day alone at home...

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