Friday, August 15, 2008


I had a good day today! Today is my first weekend as a worker in Kuwait. It is a waiting weekend after few days trying to catch up with new rules and condition in the new environment. So far, I do enjoy the work, maybe because I’m new in the office and new with the work. I woke up early as my body easily adapts with the new time of awaking. As I was trying to get back to sleep, Juma arrived from the rig, after a short job. I guess it is the shortest time ever, 3 days, what a record! I got up when I heard him showering. It was quite tempting to shower with my husband after few days apart. Hehe…

We had our lunch at Mughal Mahal, in Fahaheel. Both were too hungry to capture any picture. Thus, there is no still image as the memory of dining in the restaurant for today. The food was ok.. like other Indian restaurant too.

Later, we walked around Fahaheel, like usual, commuting between Al-Manshar, the small shops and Al-Kout. We ended up at Paul, sipping iced mocha and strawberry milkshake. We can’t help laughing at a guy wearing pleated Bermuda in green. Juma has one in orange, and I told him the guy actually wants the orange one, but he lost the pants to Juma. And he knew Juma is in Al-Kout now and he wants to steal it from him. Haha..

I got myself 2 pairs of leggings, one in yellow and the other one in pink, from Centre Point. I want to have colored legging eversince it hit the fashion scene late last year. At last! Juma got himself a shirt from H&M and a collar tee from whatever brand. I love today!

Tomorrow, Ainul will get engage with Azhan. I love them both. Hope everything goes well. Good luck my dear friends!