Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life with Choices

Living with choices is difficult. You are torn in between. It could be worse if both have good and bad consequences in you. I know myself well as a very independence person. I'll do anything I want without hesitation and always be pround of it. One of my proudest achivement is I'm working. Never in my life that I don't work, until I follow my husband to Kuwait. I started earning my own money since I finished SPM.

My mother is still working. My father who is 63 at this time, still working. So does my uncle. My grandfather gave up his work for like 5 years ago, when his was in late 70 s'. It is not about money. Money is important, but not everything.

My uncle said and I quote, working is for our intellect, self esteem and sanity. Work is therapy. I believe in that, at least for this moment. But if I want to work, I can do it either in Kuwait or back to Malaysia. If I'm back to M'sia:

1. I'm leaving my husband behind, here in Kuwait
2. I'll make him sad, all his efforts bringing me here will be nothing. As ppl know, it is not easy to get the resident card, and I got it.
3. I have to be an engineer, and my dream to be in fashin line will just be a dream
4. There is no improvement in our live. We are still like 5 years ago, Juma is far from my eyes
5. I have my own house and I love it so much, in m'sia definitely I won't stay in my wn house
6. I'n not gonna have my freedom to cook, internet access 24/7, etc

But by staying in Kuwait:

1. Most probably I can't buy anything for my husband for his coming birthday
2. I miss my family, friends and my social life
3. I have to be more patient as it is not easy to find a job here
4. I have to think of other things suck as does it worth it, my transportation, my safety and etc
5. I'll make use of the resident card, gain experience working in a new environment at other country (s)

For what I'll choose, I just hope I make a right decision. If I make a wrong one, I won't regret as I'll learn hard about it. May the force be with me!

Till then, some other time.. love

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