Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aqiqah and Potong Jambul

Dah lama yerrrr tak post kat my blog ni.... mak aih! Susahnyer bila tade umah sendiri and tade internet connection! Tape... sabar je... kekeke..
Btw yesterday was maleec's kenduri Aqiqah and potong jambul. Best giler cos

a) ramai datang.
b) marhaban penuh umah.. tot macam 20++ jer.. but it turned out to be nearly 50!
c) maleec still berambut!
d) my family came!
e) azah, farid and lil aiman datang! omg!
f) food habis! amin!

And today is anak's birthday. dah 6 months anak mummy.
I love you son!

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