Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maleec is 3 Months Old

Maleec is 3 months old today. Rasanya macam baru minggu lepas tulis post he is 2 months old. Cepat anak mummy membesar ya sayang. His milestones for now:

1. Love to cry for attention. Apapun nak nangis.

2. Can turn to another side.

3. Love to laugh when we acah him.

4. Always give his long-without teeth-smile. Sweet sangat!

5. His napping time in day is getting shorter as he sleeps longer hours at night.

6. Dok try angkat buntut.

7. Air liur yang meleleh. Sometimes I caught him main air liur.

8. Love to isap anything, ecspecially tangan dia.

9. Know how to hug me dah. I feel so sayang him n disayangi by him when he hugs me!

10. Understand pple's emotion. He will sebek muka sedih if I scold him or wut. Kesian anak busuk!

11. He can holds his rattle already. Pandai pun!

Happy birthday Maleec! Mummy and daddy love you so much. Be good ya sayang!

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