Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Day Before I'm 26

I hate my life right now? Can say. I’m such a bummer now. Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m all over alone at home. Juma is still at the rig and God knows when he will come back. He said he will be back by tomorrow but I bet he won’t. I start to get fed-up with his job. Not that I’m not being supportive but I have limit too.

I’m alone in this stupid country, with no car to drive out, no friend to chill with and no husband to celebrate with. I miss home. I miss my family. Last year I celebrated with my parents and brothers and it was a wonderful celebration. Lovely. Perfectly nice.

Last two years, I celebrated with my friends too. Just imagine I have three parties thrown for me on that day. Lovely. I miss them. I miss all my family and friends. I’m sad. Juma wouldn’t understand, I know it. He keeps on saying that it is out of his hand. I hate to hear that.

In few hours time, its going to be twelve o’clock midnight. Usually my phone inbox will be full of birthday wishes. But I guarantee there will be none this time. Plus my phone is broken. And Juma doesn’t even care to call. Prove me wrong, but I bet I’m right.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to me. at least my baby will keep me company. And I got an earlier wishes from my mother. That’s why I love her so much and nobody should question it. I wish I’m back home at my parents’ and stay tight under my duvet in my room now. At least I’ll be surrounded by love on my day. Till then.

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