Saturday, January 3, 2009

The World We Live In

Today is my working day but I'm happily on my bed. My anemia is becoming worse as I fainted in the office yesterday. However, still I have to be online to make the working sheet that's due today.

I don't know why I'm so depress lately. Is it because of my hormone or what? After reading The Star (Malaysia local newspaper) online, I felt more depress. Reading nation section, a boy had been kidnapped and was forced to drink poison till burn his mouth and throat. World section, Israel bombed Palestine and destroyed a mosque and killed civillians. What is happening to this world? What happen to human who is born with humanity?

I'm not a super good person as I did some bad things in my life too. But to what extent of a person to have a gut to kill other person? I'm sad. I know it is bad for my baby... but I'm so sad. That's why I love to read gossip and fashion blogs. At least those things won't make me feel down.
Anyway, it had been cold days in Kuwait since the new year. Juma said there is snow at his rig! OMG! Dah nak kiamat ke? I keep my heater on all day long and wear socks in my house. But Juma is wearing 3 layers of socks at his rig. Haha! And he caught a cold. Kesian my sayang!

And if I haven't update about Juma's anniversary gift to me, he presents me a nice sweet bracelet. Thank you sayang!

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