Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sayang's Birthday

Friday, July 3, 2009

Surprise! Happy birthday Sayang! Today is Sayang’s 27th birthday. I did a little surprise. Yesterday when Sudeer came to send Maleec’s doc, I asked him to bring me to the bakery. All the balloons and banners I bought earlier, right after Sayang left to Abu Dhabi. Then, I just ordered KFC. Unfortunately, the KFC arrived later than Sayang. Wakakaka… He was quite surprised though when he arrived. But he kept on asking about his new bagpack, which annoyed me a little. Later that evening, we went to The Avenues. It had been awhile I wasn’t put my feet on shopping mall. Plus the summer sale is crazy! Hah! We had a blast, though Maleec was quite cranky. Have to nurse him every 4 hours. Huhuhu!

Why I love him so much:

1. He loves to talk.
2. He will layan my budak-budak perangai. Not many people can stand that.
3. He cooks whatever I want.
4. He buys me whatever I want.
5. He put me to sleep like my grandma used to do.
6. He is my partner in crime.
7. He fathered my son.
8. He is my antibiotic. When I’m sad, he will make me happy. When I’m angry, he will cool me down. And vice versa too. Hehe
9. He is my milestone. He always makes me feel want to give him more, be a better person.
10. He rocks my world. He is my world. The reason for me to wake up everyday and to live up my life.

I love you Sayang. Happy birthday!

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