Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson

Last night, I watched the memorial service of Michael Jackson. Since the news break on his death, I followed the progress religiously. Not that I'm kiasu towards him, or I'm the biggest fan on this planet, just that I was touched by him. Lucky to those who knew him personally. I envy you. From what I read and heard, he is just a person who wants to make people happy. From the interviews, we know Michael Jackson is a shy and soft spoken person and child-like. From his song, we know he has a beautiful soul. Listen to his song. Most people appreciate romantic, tangkap cintan kind of song, but his are more about humanity. Listen to 'Black or White', 'Heal the World', 'Will You Be There?', I'm Not Alone', 'Earth Song, etc, etc. How many entertainers in this world will write this kind of song? How many entertainers in this world will perform this kind of song? Beside making his living with the songs, he tried to make this world as a better place. Why it is hard to except him as a special person with a pure heart? Why media have to try hard to find any weird and bizarre in his life and make them as a big deal? Look at his kids, how polite and well-mannered are they. To those reporters, journalists and bloggers who smashed him while he still alive, are your kids as well behave and well mannered like his? I doubt. Look how he taught his kids with all the good values. And yes, now he is gone. Our world lost such a big gem, again. Like we lost our Princess Diana. Again, in the hand of media. Sadness.

I was so touched with Jennifer Hudson's performance. With video clip as the background and the dim light hushed the ground, our heart spreaded with sorrow.

Like Berry Gordy, Motown Records Founder, said, MJ is the greatest entertainer in the world. And yes, his life is beautiful. Definitely MJ's life is too beautiful till many people jealous and try to take advantage on it. What comes around goes around.

But who can forget the tearful farewell from her daughter, Paris? I watched it repeatedly. And I broke down too many times. God bless you. The three of his children are so lucky, to have such a doting father. I don't know how are they coping now. Must be so torn losing somebody who is a part of us. Take care.

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