Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Past Few Days

A lot of things happened this few days back.

Maleec's Passport and Residential Card

After 2 months struggled to get his passport and residential card, alhamdullillah we got it a day before he was 2 months old. On 21/6, Malaysian Embassy of Kuwait called me up to collect the passport. I told them that either Juma or I wouldn't go and collect it. Instead, Juma is going to send his driver to pick it up. No issue been raise on that day. But on the next day, when the driver arrived, it seemed like he can't collect it on the behalf of us. WTF?! Enough with it, on the same day also, Juma's office said that the residential card can't be make since Juma is the sponsor for Maleec. They have to wait for Juma to come back and do it by himself. WTF again??!! So, the next day I called Juma's manager regarding the issue. He said he thy need my presence to the office. I don't mind to give all the support as long as Juma wouldn't have to pay for the ridiculous fine. But he didn't return the call till the next day. Juma's office called stating that GRO (seriously I don't know it stands for what...kekeke) is coming to bring me to the gov. office. So Maleec and I went with him in his dusty car. Luckily it just took us 15 mins for all cost. And the next early in the morning (0730), the steeeeeewwwwpiddd clerk of SLB rang me, saying that I need to be in SLB office at 0800. Giler ke apa??!! And when I requested for the driver, she said nobody in the office can bring me there. FUCK her! Stupid bastard! Enough story. I shall keep teh rest to myself as I can't contain myself anymore with the moron.

Maleec is 2 months old

In a blink, anak sayang is 2 months old already. He celebrated his birthday by behaving well. Bangun terus senyum. Daddy was around, celebrated his birthday online. A few things I observe now:

1. He will smile back at you if you give him your smile. If you are lucky, he will gives a giant wide grin. Comei sangat anak mummy!

2. His sleeping pattern changed already. He sleeps longer hour at night.

3. He loves talking so much! Like mummy and daddy!

4. He discovered his hand already. Keeps playing with his hand. Nanti daddy balik and potong kuku, Maleec can discover your finer pulak.. ok?

5. Manja sangat! Apapun nak buat dengan mummy. Even nak poopoo pun nak mummy pegang kaki! Anak sayangku!

6. His poopoo changed color and texture already. So, no more wiping with cotton. Instead I just wash it at the sink.

7. I saw few times he tried to flip his body. Kikiki!

Happy birthday Sayang!

Michael Jackson's Death

I was so shocked. Actually I am still shocking. I am his fan. I may not know his song's lyric, but I know his dance move. I think he is just not a singer, but he is a dancer, an entertainer. Definitely a legend. Still remember how I tried to imitate his move. Still remember that I want to put his name as my favorite singer in my autograph book, but I didn't know how to spell his name. How I am looking forward for his comeback. Sadly, he left us. Allah lebih sayang dia.

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