Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Love Is In Abu Dhabi

Maleec with Abang Danish and Abang Mishal

Hasya kissed Maleec

My day started good as we woke up early. Woke up with Sayang by my side. I called Zubaidah not to come today. But today Sayang left to Abu Dhabi. Before, he shopped food for me to store for a month. Kesian, banyak dia bawak from Sultan Centre. He left at 3.15pm. Vivi and family arrived 15 minutes earlier. They stayed for almost 3 hours. Siap makan tengah hari yang dimasak oleh Vivi sendiri. They were from Kuwait City, lepak nak tunggu Fahaheel bukak. Night, spent with Maleec and watched Fantastic Four kat Fox Movies. I miss u Sayang!

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